5 celebrities who enjoy gambling and casino games

5 celebrities who enjoy gambling and casino games
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Every year online casinos are growing in popularity. Technological progress is constant, and the new games presented become always more complete. 

Online gambling has made the lives of many players all over the world much easier.  Yesterday when you wanted to play your favourite slot games, you had to go necessarily to the nearest gambling house or casino. Now, everything changed. Online casinos stepped into the ring and erased all geographical restrictions whereas it is North America, Eastern Europe, Asia or wherever you stay, all over the world. You can very likely enjoy live blackjack in Canada playing at any online casino available in this country, or any other abroad and not experiencing a big difference. Live streaming made it easier for everyone and chatting with a dealer feels almost the same like being in the games room.

It is no secret that the most famous celebrities enjoy gambling too. And considering their bank account, we can easily imagine that they join the VIP clubs much faster than us (but that’s another story). Here are 5 actors known as casino lovers. What if you were registered on the same casino as Batman?

Ben Affleck

If you’re a gossip person you probably already know that: Ben Affleck has this annoying tendency to sink into addictions. Recently out of rehab for his alcoholism, the actor is also a compulsive gambler. The one who’s played Batman in Batman vs Superman has a real addiction for card games, especially poker and blackjack. In 2001, after losing thousands of dollars playing poker, Ben Affleck entered a center to quite this addiction. In 2014, just before filming Batman vs Superman, he was accused of cheating and fired from the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas. Even Batman is always fighting his demons!

Matt Damon

We all know how Matt Damon has the heart set on his job. The story doesn’t say if the passion was confirmed outside working hours, but Matt Damon is one of the few Hollywood daredevils who perform their own stunts. He knows how to immerse himself in his characters. Indeed, he confessed that, in 1998, to get ready to play Mike McDermott in Rounders, he spent a huge amount of money in gambling. Just as his friends George Clooney and Brad Pitt, Matt Damon enjoys playing poker and blackjack.

Shannon Elizabeth

Gambling is not an “only men” activity! Shannon Elizabeth is the proof. If we told you that one of the actors of the teen saga American Pie became a professional poker player, who would you think of? Nadia or Shannon Elizabeth, of course! It may be a strange conversion to some people, but in the end, aren’t the two professions very similar? Not letting your face show your own emotions when you play, being lucky and earning a lot of money. Well… the two professions are similar.

Bruce Willis

Another actor who saves the world and still needs adrenaline… Bruce Willis is not only known for his extraordinary movies and his charisma that put everyone under the spell. This dear Bruce has also so much luck at casino! Indeed, newspapers report that this major of the Seventh Art once won $500,000 in a baccarat game in Atlantic City. Did you say indecent luck? The truth is that he’s also losing a lot…

Jamie Foxx

You choose your friends but not your family… as Jamie Foxx might say, despite his international star status. In 2003, the actor had a few problems with police officers when peacekeepers tried to take him and his sister away from the Harrah’s casino in New Orleans. According to the story, casino employees said Jamie’s sister simply refused to show her ID when entering the establishment. Jamie Foxx had to pay a high price for his sister’s whim since he has been placed on a six-month conditional sentence, two years of probation and had to pay a fine of 1,500$.

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