Actor dies after 12 cosmetic surgeries to look like BTS Jimin

22-year-old actor Saint Von Colucci has died after undergoing 12 cosmetic surgeries in a year to resemble BTS singer Jimin. Colucci was very insecure about his looks and spent $220,000 on facelifts, nose jobs, eye lift, eyebrow lift, etc. His most recent procedure was to remove jaw implants he had put in last November, and he developed an infection afterward.

A 22-year-old actor died after undergoing 12 surgeries to look like BTS singer Jimin, with his most recent operation to remove jaw implants resulting in complications and an infection that led to his death.

A 22-year-old Canadian actor, Saint Von Colucci, died over the weekend at a South Korean hospital due to complications from cosmetic surgeries he underwent to look like BTS singer Jimin. His publicist, Eric Blake, confirmed that Colucci spent $220,000 on 12 surgeries, including jaw implants, a facelift, a nose job, an eye lift, an eyebrow lift, and a lip reduction in the course of a year. Colucci moved to South Korea in 2019 in pursuit of a career in entertainment and developed a desire to resemble Jimin, who is the 27-year old star of Grammy-nominated K-pop group BTS.

According to Blake, Colucci had trouble finding work in South Korea due to his Western looks and felt discriminated against. To improve his chances of landing acting jobs, Colucci opted for multiple risky surgeries. The most recent of which was an operation on Saturday to remove his jaw implants, which led to an infection and his death hours later.

Colucci’s publicist said his client was unhappy with his face and critical of his “very square jawline and chin,” which led to his insecurities. Despite the risks, he was determined to achieve his desired appearance and had a role in an eight-episode Korean drama series titled “Pretty Lies.” According to Blake, the show is set to air on a major United States streaming service in October.

The tragic outcome of Colucci’s surgeries has once again highlighted the dangers associated with cosmetic procedures. Blake’s comments about Colucci’s insecurities and his difficulty finding work in South Korea show the pressure many young individuals face in the entertainment industry to conform to unrealistic beauty standards. The loss of a young life underscores the need for caution, education, and ethical practices in the cosmetic industry.

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