Actor Liev Schreiber trolled by Vanderpump Rules fans after making comments about Ariana Madix’s New York Times profile.

Actor Liev Schreiber was trolled by Vanderpump Rules fans after he made remarks about a cast member’s New York Times profile. Ariana Madix fans attacked Schreiber on his Instagram account after he commented on a photo, questioning if it was news. Schreiber later apologized and explained he did not know the newspaper shared entertainment news, but the Ariana fans continued to come for him.

Actor Liev Schreiber faced backlash from fans of Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix after he made negative comments about her New York Times profile, leading to him turning off the comments on his Instagram posts.

Actor Liev Schreiber has faced the wrath of Vanderpump Rules fans after he criticized Ariana Madix’s New York Times profile. In a recent interview, Ariana had discussed the show’s cheating scandal, which involved her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval being unfaithful with their co-star Raquel Leviss. Fans have rallied behind Ariana in the wake of the scandal, causing a social media firestorm when Liev questioned the news value of her profile in a comment on the New York Times Instagram account.

According to reports, the drama started when the news outlet posted a photo of Ariana from the New York Times feature, prompting Liev to write, “Is this news?” This comment angered Ariana’s supporters, who quickly attacked the actor on his own Instagram posts, flooding them with similar statements. The backlash was so intense that Liev was forced to disable comments on his recent posts.

While Liev later explained that he did not realize the New York Times was sharing entertainment news alongside regular news, the damage was already done. The incident underscores the intense loyalty of Vanderpump Rules fans and their passion for defending their favorite cast members online.

In the interview, Ariana discusses why she thinks people relate to her in the wake of her ex’s affair being revealed. She says, “I’m just trying to remain centered in myself… But it is really incredible to have that support and I feel as though it did come at a cost, a very unexpected cost.” Meanwhile, Tom has been photographed getting cozy with a mystery woman after breaking up with Raquel.

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