Al Roker not a fan of co-hosts’ spring cleaning antics on “Today” show

Al Roker expressed his dislike for spring cleaning during a segment on the “Today” show. His co-hosts Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush Hager went on multiple tangents about decluttering, prompting Roker to declare that “nobody cares” about their tidying habits. Viewers responded with mixed reactions, with some finding Roker’s reaction hilarious while others found it condescending.

“Today” show weatherman Al Roker protested against his co-hosts’ spring cleaning habits, declaring “nobody cares” about their tidying habits during a recent morning show segment.

“Today” Show’s Al Roker Dismisses Co-Hosts’ Spring Cleaning Talk

The “Today” show weatherman Al Roker made headlines on Thursday after he dismissed his co-hosts’ conversation about spring cleaning during a live segment. Jenna Bush Hager, Savannah Guthrie, and Hoda Kotb were discussing decluttering their homes, and Hager mentioned her rule about waiting five days before purchasing new items. Kotb likened decluttering to making space for new things in life.

As the camera cut to Roker, he looked at his co-hosts with disbelief and eventually banged his head against the wall. He stated, “Nobody cares” what they were talking about and added, “I’m speaking for every guy out there.” Guthrie and the “Today with Hoda & Jenna” co-hosts offered various decluttering advice, and viewers were quick to respond to the hilarious exchange.

However, not all Twitter users were on board with Roker’s reaction, calling him “brazenly condescending” and suggesting he could have handled the situation more tactfully. This isn’t the first time Roker’s reaction to a segment has caused a stir in recent weeks. Last month he was left speechless by Jameela Jamil’s story about her “first-ever booty call,” which also went viral.

While Roker may not be a fan of spring cleaning, his humorous and unexpected reactions always keep viewers entertained. Fans of the “Today” show can continue to tune in to see what he has to say in the future.

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