Allison Holker Boss granted half of late husband’s estate in court ruling.

Allison Holker Boss has been awarded half of her late husband Stephen “tWitch” Boss’s estate after he died by suicide without a will. The decision was made by a judge who confirmed Holker was married to Boss at the time of his death, granting her “property passing” rights as per California law. Holker shared three children with the late dancer and also requested additional royalties from various productions.

Allison Holker Boss, the widow of Stephen “tWitch” Boss, has been granted half of her late husband’s estate after successfully proving she was married to him at the time of his death and he did not have a will.

Allison Holker Boss, spouse of late dancer Stephen “tWitch” Boss, has been granted half of her husband’s assets after he passed away without a will in December of 2022. According to California law, the surviving spouse has the right to request half of their deceased partner’s assets if they were married at the time of death. In February of 2023, Holker filed a petition to the Superior Court of California for half of Boss’ estate which was granted on Friday. Holker was able to provide sufficient evidence proving that she was married to Boss at the time of his death and therefore was granted her “property passing” rights as a result of the ruling.

Holker and Boss got married in 2013 and shared three children together. In the February filing, Holker claimed that when they got married, Boss did not have a net worth. Furthermore, she stated that there were no written agreements between them prior to his death. She also requested Stephen’s half of Stephen Boss Productions and his Goldman Sachs investment account. Additionally, she is requesting royalties from several production services.

Boss was found dead in a Los Angeles motel room at the age of 40 after taking his life via a gunshot wound to the head. Holker and Boss were both professional dancers, and he landed a permanent spot on “The Ellen Show” before his untimely death.

It is important to note that issues surrounding estate planning and death, particularly suicide, can be emotionally difficult to navigate. If you or someone you know is struggling and in need of support, please call or text the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988.

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