Angelina Jolie spotted with Rothschild & The Weeknd, but no romantic connections found

Angelina Jolie, who has kept her personal life quiet since her split from Brad Pitt in 2016, has been linked to several men over the years, including most recently David Mayer de Rothschild and The Weeknd. The Rothschild banking heir is married to Ukrainian actress Karina Deyko, while Jolie reportedly had a brief fling with The Weeknd. Jolie and Pitt are still engaged in a legal battle over the custody of their children and control of their French château and winery, Miraval.

Angelina Jolie was spotted having a three-hour business lunch with David Mayer de Rothschild, sparking rumors of a romance, however, de Rothschild is already married to Ukrainian actress Karina Deyko.

Angelina Jolie is a magnet for media attention wherever she goes, and her recent lunch with David Mayer de Rothschild at popular celebrity haunt Nobu in Malibu was no exception. The 47-year-old star, single since her divorce from Brad Pitt, was rumored to be dating the wealthy British explorer, environmental campaigner, author and filmmaker, but it was soon revealed that he is in fact married to Ukrainian actress Karina Deyko. Sources confirmed that the Nobu lunch was a business meeting attended by a small group of people, but Jolie has a knack for making even a business meeting look intriguing.

Jolie has kept her personal life quiet since her divorce, but rumors have circulated about her flings with singer The Weeknd and coffee with actor Paul Mescal. However, Jolie has made it clear that she has been focused on “healing” following her divorce, focusing on her children and even buying Cecil B. DeMille’s famous house to be close to Pitt. The pair remain entwined in two legal battles, one over their children and another over their French château and winery, Miraval.

Pitt has sold his Los Feliz estate for $39 million as he wants to downsize, but a source who knows him said he’s not moving in with his current partner, Ines de Ramon. The couple still don’t speak, and they are still at war over Miraval, with Pitt accusing Jolie of intentionally seeking to “inflict harm” on him by selling her half of the estate to Russian billionaire Yuri Shefler. Jolie announced that she was stepping away from her role as a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Special Envoy in December, stating that she will continue to support refugees and other displaced people, working directly with them and supporting their advocacy for solutions. Jolie recently launched the non-profit “Women for Bees” in Mexico, empowering local women.

Despite the ongoing legal battles, Jolie has been focusing on healing and rebuilding her family. Her work with refugees and displaced people remains close to her heart, and she continues to support their voices and leadership. Ultimately, Jolie remains a fascinating and enigmatic figure, deftly navigating the spotlight and the challenges of post-divorce life.

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