Are Kyle Richards & Mauricio Umansky experiencing marriage issues? Speculation grows as fans notice a silver b & on Kyle’s left ring finger, a departure from her usual massive wedding ring. The b & matches the one worn by singer Morgan, who Kyle has been spending a lot of time with. Additionally, Kyle’s absence of her wedding ring & her explanation of crime rates have further fueled the rumors. Mauricio has dismissed the speculation, stating that Kyle simply left her ring at home while going to the gym. No official comment has been made by Kyle’s representative.

Fans of the reality TV show Vanderpump Rules suspect that Kyle Richards and her husband Mauricio Umansky are experiencing marital problems and that Kyle is in a relationship with a female singer. Speculation has grown due to the similar silver bands that both Kyle and the singer have been seen wearing on their left ring fingers, replacing Kyle’s missing wedding ring. Additionally, Kyle and the singer have been spending a lot of time together and Kyle has been engaging with the singer’s social media posts.

Fans suspect that Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky are experiencing marital issues, with Kyle being linked to a female singer named Morgan and both of them wearing matching silver bands on their left ring fingers instead of their wedding rings.

Title: Kyle Richards Sparks Speculation of Marriage Issues with Singer Amidst Missing Wedding Ring


In a scandal reminiscent of Vanderpump Rules, rumors of trouble in paradise have emerged for Kyle and Mauricio Umansky from Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Speculation among fans suggests that Kyle may be facing marriage problems and has been romantically involved with a female singer. The 2023 controversy comes to light after weeks of rumors and a public accessory that caught the attention of eagle-eyed fans.

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A certain online account named @facereality16 provided evidence by pointing out that both Kyle and the female singer were seen wearing matching silver bands on their left ring fingers. Observers noted that Kyle’s enormous wedding ring has been absent on various occasions over the past few months. The silver band she now sports bears striking similarities to the one worn by Morgan, the singer in question, since at least April. Their allegedly romantic relationship apparently began in February 2022 and has been showcased extensively on social media.

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Apart from the rings, fans spotted other signs indicating a closer bond between Kyle and Morgan. They both revealed a shared commitment to sobriety, with Morgan having given up alcohol six years ago and Kyle announcing her sobriety last summer. Fueling the speculations, Kyle has been actively engaging with Morgan’s Instagram account, often appearing in the comments section and interacting with the singer’s fans. While Kyle has refrained from directly addressing the rumors, she has admitted to not wearing her wedding ring due to concerns about rising crime rates.

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During an interview with Page Six in April, Kyle dismissed the significance of being photographed without her wedding ring. She explained that she had chosen to forgo wearing it lately due to safety concerns and had just come from a weightlifting session at the gym in the photo. Mauricio, her husband, also dismissed the rumors surrounding the missing ring, describing Kyle’s decision not to wear it as a reasonable one when she is engaged in physical activities like going to the gym.


As rumors continue to circulate about the state of Kyle and Mauricio’s marriage, fans eagerly await official statements from the couple or their representatives. Meanwhile, the online speculation and public interest surrounding Kyle’s apparent connection with the singer continue to fuel fans’ curiosity. Time will tell whether these rumors hold any truth or if they are merely a product of the frenzy often associated with celebrity relationships.

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