Ariana Confronted Sandoval About Affair Revealed During Concert with Vanderpump

Ariana confronted Sandoval about their affair and he admitted to it. Despite the confrontation, the couple appeared happy and perfect during their West Hollywood show. Sandoval even shared his secret to having a successful relationship with Page Six recently.

Despite admitting to having an affair that lasted 8 months, Ariana and Sandoval appeared to be a happy couple during a recent public appearance with Lisa Vanderpump, and Sandoval even shared his secret to a successful relationship.

It seems that not everything is as picture-perfect as it seems for the couple Ariana and Sandoval. Recent news has surfaced regarding their relationship, casting some doubt over their “perfect” image.

According to sources, Ariana confronted Sandoval about an affair he had been having for eight months. To the surprise of many, Sandoval admitted to the affair and, as some say, “folded like a suit.”

Despite this rocky patch in their relationship, the couple put on a happy front at Sandoval’s cover band show in West Hollywood, where Lisa Vanderpump also happened to be present. Ariana was smiling and singing along, while Sandoval perpetuated their “happy couple facade” and even shared his secret to a successful relationship with Page Six earlier this week.

It’s unclear what the future holds for Ariana and Sandoval, but it’s clear that their once-ideal relationship is now facing some challenges. Only time will tell if the couple will be able to move past this bump in the road and continue to maintain their picture-perfect image.

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