Ariana shares heartfelt Instagram post about life after Scandoval affair.

Ariana shared a lengthy Instagram post expressing gratitude for the love and support she received in the last two weeks. She mentioned feeling devastated and broken, but also acknowledged that she has a strong support system. She ended the post with a message of resilience.

Ariana expressed gratitude for the support she received after her breakup with Scandoval through a lengthy Instagram post.

Ariana Grande has broken her silence on her social media account after a devastating two weeks. She shared a lengthy Instagram post expressing her gratitude for the love and support she has received from friends, family, and people she has never even met. Ariana revealed that she has been devastated and broken after the Scandoval incident, but knows she is not alone.

In the Instagram post, Ariana conveyed her appreciation of having the best support system in the world, and expressed her hope to repay each person for the love and strength they have shown her. Although still impacted by the events, Ariana ended her post with a note of resilience, stating, “what doesn’t kill me better run.” It is unclear what the post was in response to, but it is apparent that Ariana has experienced a difficult time and has received support from others.

This type of post from a celebrity can have a big impact on those who follow them. It can encourage people to connect with those around them, seek support when needed, and communicate their appreciation for those who are there for them. Additionally, Ariana’s post highlights the importance of self-care and resiliency in times of crisis. Her message serves as a reminder that it’s okay to lean on others for support, and that recovery takes time and effort.

In conclusion, Ariana Grande’s Instagram post showcases the importance of vulnerability, gratitude, and strength during times of adversity. Her words serve as a source of inspiration and support for those who are struggling.

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