Aubrey O’Day Claims Affair with Donald Trump Jr. Started in a Gay Club

Aubrey O’Day claims that her alleged affair with Donald Trump Jr. began in a gay club bathroom at a big gay party in New York. She also revealed that they developed a strong emotional bond while working on “Celebrity Apprentice” in 2011. Despite previously calling him her “soulmate,” O’Day now says she doesn’t recognize the man he has become and is disappointed in him.

Aubrey O’Day claims her affair with Donald Trump Jr. began in a gay club bathroom, and despite his current anti-LGBTQIA+ views, he was super comfortable in the gay club and they ended up having sex in the bathroom.

Title: Aubrey O’Day Spills Details on Alleged Affair with Donald Trump Jr.

Aubrey O’Day recently made shocking revelations about her alleged affair with Donald Trump Jr. in an exclusive interview. During the candid conversation on Michael Cohen’s “Mea Culpa” podcast, the former MTV star elaborated on the circumstances surrounding their first intimate encounter. According to O’Day, their relationship commenced in a prominent gay club in New York City.

Recalling the fateful night, O’Day disclosed that she had informed Trump Jr. that she would be hosting an event at a popular gay club. To her surprise, he eagerly showed up, despite the club’s vibrant and liberal atmosphere. O’Day expressed astonishment at his comfort level, particularly since the former president’s son is known for his anti-LGBTQIA+ views. The singer claimed that their connection deepened that night, resulting in them sharing an intimate encounter in the club’s bathroom.

However, their bond had already formed long before that night. O’Day believed that they had a strong emotional connection during their time together on the reality TV show “Celebrity Apprentice” in 2011. The singer revealed that they often found humor in situations when no one else did, creating a unique bond between them. This connection extended beyond laughter, as O’Day recognized something special between their souls.

It is important to note that Trump Jr. was married to his first wife, Vanessa Trump, during the reported affair. Rumors circulated that he even considered leaving his marriage for O’Day, but family pressure ultimately prevented him from doing so. Despite their intense emotional connection, O’Day expressed disappointment and emphasized how distant the current version of Trump Jr. feels from the person she once called her “soulmate.”

O’Day’s candid revelations shed light on the complexities of their alleged affair, while also illustrating the transformation both individuals have undergone since their time together. While the truth of these claims remains debated, it is undeniable that the fallout from this alleged affair has left a lasting impact on the lives involved.

[Note: This blog post is based on Aubrey O’Day’s interview and claims made during the Michael Cohen podcast. The accuracy of these statements has not been independently verified.]

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