Backstreet Boys say that Justin Timberlake was an inspiration for one of the songs on their new album

The Backstreet Boys’ first holiday album, A Very Backstreet Christmas, will come out on October 14. It will have both original songs and songs by other artists.

Members of the band AJ McLean and Nick Carter told Variety that they got ideas for the record from a surprising place: another former boyband member.

“Nick would be the first to tell you he really wanted ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling!’ to be the inspiration for one song,” McLean, 44, said about Justin Timberlake’s single. “He wanted that really happy, funky vibe.”

Carter, 42, said of the 2016 movie “It’s funny because there’s all this stuff about Backstreet versus *NSYNC, but we’re all about good songs and good movies and Trolls was a movie we watched a lot with our kids,”: “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”

Carter added, “Justin wrote a really good song, so we wanted to write a happy, uplifting song with the same feel.” “Especially given the state of the world right now.” We thought, “Let’s put some good things out there,” so we made “Happy Days.””

The holiday album will have songs like “White Christmas” and “Winter Wonderland.” as well as new songs. The first song, “Last Christmas,” which was a cover of “Last !’s Christmas,” by Wham!, came out on September 6.

McLean said of the new album, “This is Backstreet in its truest form,” “It sounds very grown up, and the vocals are great. ” As a group, we sound better than we have in years. My wife says, “This will be on repeat in our house.” She starts playing Christmas songs in July.”

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