Bam Margera to St & Trial for Allegedly Punching Brother

Bam Margera has been ordered to stand trial for allegedly assaulting his brother, Jess Margera. The judge also ordered Bam to undergo a drug and alcohol screening to remain out of prison. Bam claims to have been attending a treatment program in Los Angeles, although sources have revealed he tried to flee to Las Vegas and did not want to complete the program.

“Bam Margera must go to trial for allegedly punching his brother, Jess Margera, in the face earlier this year, with the judge ordering him to undergo a drug and alcohol screening to remain out of prison.”

Title: Bam Margera to Face Trial for Allegedly Punching Brother Jess

In a recent development, a judge has ruled that Bam Margera, renowned for his appearance in “Jackass,” must stand trial for allegedly assaulting his brother, Jess Margera. The incident, which occurred earlier this year, resulted in Bam facing charges of simple assault, harassment, and terroristic threats. The judge, Albert Iacocca, also ordered the star to undergo a drug and alcohol screening to avoid imprisonment. This ruling comes as Bam revealed his participation in a treatment program and his living arrangement with former NBA player Lamar Odom, both recovering addicts.

During the court proceedings, Bam Margera shared with the judge that he had been attending a drug and alcohol treatment program in Los Angeles. However, there have been rumors that the star attempted to flee to Las Vegas, showing reluctance to complete the program. Judge Iacocca emphasized the importance of Bam’s well-being, stating, “We want to make sure you’re safe, secure and alive.” Bam himself highlighted his desire to reunite with his five-year-old son, Phoenix, further underscoring his commitment to seeking help.

Earlier this year, an altercation between the Margera brothers resulted in a warrant being issued for Bam’s arrest. The confrontation was allegedly triggered when Jess discovered a text insinuating the need for Bam’s mental health treatment. Bam then reportedly struck his brother in the nose and ear, causing a ruptured eardrum. Bam ultimately turned himself in to the police after three days, accompanied by his girlfriend and a child, despite claims that he was on the run.

Addressing the charges against his brother in court, Jess Margera expressed his concern for Bam’s well-being and desire for him to receive the help he needs. While prosecutors agreed to drop two of the terroristic threats charges, Bam previously faced allegations of threatening to shoot various family members and leaving a threatening note for his brother. Although a trial date has not been confirmed, Bam’s attorney, Michael van der Veen, expressed skepticism about the need for a hearing, claiming it was merely a disagreement between two brothers.

As the legal proceedings progress, it remains to be seen how Bam Margera’s case will unfold. The charges he faces are serious, highlighting the need for a thorough examination of the facts. The key focus now lies in ensuring Bam’s well-being, as he navigates a challenging period marked by legal battles and personal struggles.

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