Basketball Wives Star Brittish Williams Seeks Postponement of Criminal Trial for Possible Plea Deal

Brittish Williams, star of Basketball Wives, has asked for a delay in her criminal trial in the hope of working out a plea deal. Williams is facing federal charges of misusing a social security number, committing bank and wire fraud, and making false statements to the IRS. Both Williams and prosecutors have agreed to the delay.

Brittish Williams, a star of VH1’s Basketball Wives, has requested a judge postpone her criminal trial so that she can work out a plea deal, after being indicted on federal charges relating to bank and wire fraud, misuse of a social security number, and making false statements to the IRS.

Brittish Williams, star of VH1’s “Basketball Wives,” has requested a postponement of her upcoming criminal trial in order to secure a plea deal, according to court documents. Williams is currently facing federal charges after allegedly misusing a social security number, committing bank and wire fraud, and making false statements to the IRS during the year 2021. She has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Prosecutors, who have previously stated their intention to present a superseding indictment to a Grand Jury before the trial, have not yet revealed what additional charges they will bring against Williams. However, her attorney has expressed confidence that they can successfully address any new allegations.

The filing states that Williams and the government have agreed to postpone the trial, as both parties believe that a plea agreement can be reached if the government has adequate time to obtain necessary approvals. Williams’ attorney hopes that a plea deal can be made in time to avoid the need for a superseding indictment, which could lead to additional charges.

In previous court appearances, Williams’ attorney has noted that her work on “Basketball Wives” has led to some logistical difficulties. The government had previously demanded that Williams be jailed for violating a court order, but the judge ultimately ruled in favor of removing her ankle monitor. The judge has yet to rule on whether the upcoming trial will be pushed back.

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