“Basketball Wives Star Mehgan James Drops Lawsuit Against Lyft Driver”

Basketball Wives star Mehgan James has dropped her lawsuit against Lyft over an alleged assault by a driver who works for the ride-sharing app. James had accused the driver of assaulting her and leaving her on the side of the road after he had asked her to use hand sanitizer and drove erratically. James claimed that the incident “robbed” her of her “dignity and personal safety” and caused her physical and psychological injuries.

Basketball Wives star Mehgan James has dropped her lawsuit against Lyft over claims that a driver assaulted her and left her stranded on a highway.

Reality TV star Mehgan James from the show “Basketball Wives” has dismissed her lawsuit against Lyft, after alleged assault by one of the company’s drivers. This move follows a court order dismissing the case, with prejudice meaning that James cannot refile the case in the future. The complaint, previously brought in August 2020, accused the driver of assaulting James and abandoning her on the side of the road.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, James claimed the driver drove erratically, overly fast and ignored her requests to adjust the open window. She explains that the driver pulled over, demanded that James exit the vehicle and subsequently assaulted her by grabbing her by the head of her hoodie and pulling her out violently, causing physical and psychological injuries. The driver then drove off, leaving James stranded on the freeway.

In response to James’ report, Lyft refused to provide the driver’s name, and the defendant was accused of negligence in hiring the driver. Although James dismissed her case with prejudice, it has prompted a call to review driving and rider safety measures, especially on ride-hailing apps.

Incidents like these reiterate the importance of users’ responsibility while using ride-hailing apps, including following safety protocols and reporting cases immediately. Furthermore, it highlights the importance of hiring practices and monitoring drivers that ride-hail companies must adhere to. While James’ lawsuit against Lyft may have been dismissed, the incident brings an opportunity for Lyft and other transportation network companies to enhance their safety procedures for riders using their services.

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