Baskin files summons request against Joe Exotic & his aliases, following his accusations of her involvement in her missing husband’s disappearance.

Baskin has filed a summons against Joe Exotic, using his real name and three aliases. The request comes after Joe Exotic lambasted Baskin for claiming her missing husband is alive. Joe Exotic alleges that Baskin, her father, and someone else killed her missing husband.

Baskin has filed a request for the summons, naming Joe Exotic and his three other aliases, amid accusations that Baskin killed her missing husband.

Joe Exotic, who rose to fame as the tiger-loving reality star in the popular show “Tiger King” on Netflix, is once again in the headlines. Carole Baskin, the founder of Big Cat Rescue and Joe Exotic’s longstanding nemesis, filed a request for summons on February 24. The request named Joe Exotic – whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage – along with his three other aliases, Joe Schreibvogel, Aarron Alex, and Cody Ryan.

This recent move by Baskin comes almost a month after exclusively quoted Joe Exotic lambasting Baskin for claiming that her missing husband, Don Lewis, is “alive and well” in Costa Rica. Joe Exotic, who is known for his controversial statements and actions, claimed that Baskin hated Lewis so much that she could not kill him fast enough, implying that Baskin could be involved in Lewis’s disappearance.

As per the report, Joe Exotic investigated Baskin extensively and claimed that he was 100% sure that Baskin, along with her father and others, killed Don Lewis and ground him up. This allegation by Joe Exotic was strongly denied by Baskin.

Carole Baskin’s recent move to file a request for summons against Joe Exotic could be seen as a retaliatory move against his allegations. It remains to be seen what this latest legal action by Baskin will mean for Joe Exotic and his ongoing legal battles. The feud between these two personalities from the world of big cat breeding and entertainment continues, and their fans and critics alike are watching the drama unfold.

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