Bebe Rexha Wears Protective Eyewear at Los Angeles Concert

Bebe Rexha wore safety goggles during her concert in Los Angeles, weeks after being hit in the face with a cellphone at a previous show. She accessorized her outfit with the goggles while performing her song “I’m Good (Blue).” Several other singers, including Kelsea Ballerini and Ava Max, have also experienced strange incidents with concertgoers recently.

Bebe Rexha wore safety goggles during her performance at a recent Los Angeles concert after being hit in the face with a cellphone at a previous concert in New York City.

Title: Bebe Rexha Plays it Safe with Safety Goggles at LA Tour Stop

Bebe Rexha took precautionary measures during her recent Best F*n Night Of My Life Tour stop in Los Angeles, opting to wear protective eyewear on stage. The 33-year-old singer, dressed in a fashionable sparkly blue top with matching satin pants and gloves, sported a pair of sheer safety goggles as she performed her hit song “I’m Good (Blue)” at The Wiltern. This decision comes just weeks after Rexha suffered an unfortunate incident during a concert in New York City, where a fan hit her in the face with a cellphone, resulting in stitches and a black eye.

Fans and spectators who witnessed Rexha’s performance lauded her for prioritizing her safety. One fan expressed admiration in the comment section of an Instagram post, stating, “Wearing those safety glasses because she ain’t playing no more!” Another fan hailed the singer as a legend and praised her for ending the tour on a strong note despite the unfortunate incident. It is clear that Bebe Rexha’s commitment to her artistry and her fans remains unwavering.

The incident in New York City, where Rexha was struck in the face by a cellphone, was caught on camera by audience members. The footage showed the moment Rexha was hit, causing her to collapse in pain while crew members quickly rushed to assist her. Following the incident, she was promptly taken to a local hospital for stitches. Despite the setback, Rexha managed to maintain a positive spirit and shared humorous photos on Instagram, showcasing her bandaged face with the fresh shiner for her fans to see.

Regrettably, Bebe Rexha isn’t the only artist who has faced unusual behavior from concertgoers. Kelsea Ballerini was struck in the face by a random object during a performance in Boise, Idaho, and Ava Max was slapped on stage at her show in Los Angeles. Max took to Twitter to express her frustration, stating that the assault had left her with an eye injury. It is disheartening to witness the challenges these artists face while passionately pursuing their careers and connecting with their fans.

One incident that captured attention recently involved Pink receiving a plastic bag containing the ashes of a concertgoer’s mother during the British Summer Time festival. The singer humorously questioned the gift during her performance, expressing uncertainty about how to feel in response to such a peculiar offering.

The safety-conscious approach taken by Bebe Rexha serves as a reminder of the unexpected challenges artists may encounter during live performances. Despite these incidents, their resilience shines through as they continue to deliver memorable and powerful shows for their dedicated supporters.

(Note: This blog article focuses on Bebe Rexha’s safety precautions during her LA tour stop and briefly mentions incidents involving Kelsea Ballerini, Ava Max, and Pink.)

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