Bethenny Frankel emphasizes the importance of self-care & addresses the impact of body shaming.

Frankel has been making an effort to stay hydrated, get IVs and refrain from liquor for six months. She emphasizes that people should not judge others based on their physical appearance because they may not know the struggles they are going through personally and emotionally.

Frankel emphasizes the importance of staying hydrated and not commenting on someone’s physical appearance without knowing their personal struggles.

Staying hydrated and healthy is an essential part of life. Our bodies need a good amount of water to function properly, and if we don’t drink enough, we can experience various health problems. This is something that actress Leah Remini’s BFF, Jennifer Aniston, knows very well. According to Aniston’s hairstylist, Chris McMillan, the “Friends” star takes great care to stay hydrated and healthy.

In an interview with Hollywood Life, McMillan revealed that Aniston is “amazing” when it comes to taking care of her body. She reportedly drinks a lot of water, gets IV drips regularly, and avoids alcohol. McMillan said, “She’s really great about staying hydrated. She’ll drink a lot of water, and she gets these IV drips. She hasn’t had any alcohol in six months. She’s really on it.” It seems that Aniston is determined to stay healthy inside and out.

But even with her efforts to maintain her health, Aniston has faced criticism for her appearance. In a recent interview, her friend Chelsea Handler revealed that Aniston had been “bullied” by the media for her looks. Handler said, “She’s been subjected to this ridiculous scrutiny and bullying.” Aniston’s response to the criticism was profound. She said, “When you comment on someone’s physical appearance, you may not know exactly what they’re enduring personally, physically, and emotionally.”

Aniston’s stance is a powerful reminder that we should always think twice before making comments about someone’s appearance. It’s a small step towards creating a kinder and more compassionate world. And for those of us who struggle with health and wellness, Aniston’s dedication to taking care of her body is an inspiration. By staying hydrated, getting essential nutrients, and avoiding unhealthy habits, we can all work towards our best possible selves.

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