Bethenny Frankel shades Luann de Lesseps after close-call run-in at Broadway show

Former “Real Housewives of New York City” star Bethenny Frankel responded to rumors of a close-call run-in with fellow alum Luann de Lesseps at a Broadway show, saying that de Lesseps must be “fixated” on her and spent a lot of time talking about her in her cabaret and the media. Frankel also wished de Lesseps a “speedy recovery” if she didn’t feel well during the show. The two reality TV stars have a long history of ill will towards each other, with de Lesseps celebrating Frankel’s departure from the show in 2019.

Bethenny Frankel throws shade at fellow “Real Housewives of New York City” alum Luann de Lesseps, claiming she feels sorry for her fixation on Frankel and urges her to focus on herself.

Former Real Housewives of New York City star, Bethenny Frankel, has taken a swipe at fellow cast member, Luann de Lesseps, following a close encounter at a Broadway show last month. According to an insider, de Lesseps stormed out of “Bad Cinderella” when she realised she was seated near Frankel. However, the singer later claimed it was because she wasn’t feeling well. The two women have a well-documented history of ill will, and when Frankel left the show in 2019, de Lesseps celebrated, saying there was more breathing room for other women to shine.

Commenting on her podcast, Frankel responded to the incident, saying that it must be painful and challenging for de Lesseps to be so fixated on someone else. Frankel stated that she feels badly for her fellow cast member, who spends a lot of time talking about her in her cabaret and on podcasts. She also suggested that de Lesseps should focus on herself instead of being consumed with someone else. Frankel ended the discussion by wishing de Lesseps a speedy recovery if she didn’t feel well during “Bad Cinderella” halfway through.

The businessman insisted that de Lesseps is not really on her radar, nor does she spend a lot of time thinking about her. Their acrimony goes back some time, with de Lesseps feeling that Frankel used the platform to promote her brands but did not support her castmates when they tried to do the same. Last year, Frankel launched her Real Housewives rewatch podcast, and de Lesseps called the venture hypocritical.

The two women helped launch RHONY in 2008, and while they have not appeared on the show together for some time, they still make headlines with their ongoing feud. However, Frankel maintained that the only reason she was bringing up de Lesseps was that her fans were demanding a response to what was described as an emotionally charged walk-out. De Lesseps did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

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