BMW files lawsuit against Kroy Biermann & Kim Zolciak seeks to halt foreclosure auction.

BMW Financial Services filed a lawsuit against Kroy Biermann, claiming he had defaulted on lease payments for a car and refused to hand it over despite demands. Biermann’s attorney stated that he had retired from the NFL and was no longer receiving a salary, leading to financial difficulties. Biermann and his wife, Kim Zolciak, filed a petition to stop an upcoming foreclosure auction for their home, citing financial difficulties and the need for time to find a buyer.

BMW Financial Services filed a lawsuit against Kroy and Kim Zolciak for defaulting on lease payments for their home and failing to make payments, while Biermann’s lawyer claimed that he never expected to have his car repossessed and the couple requested a judge to stop a foreclosure auction of their home.

It was recently revealed that a lawsuit was filed against Kroy in June 2023 by BMW Financial Services, who claimed that he had defaulted on lease payments for a car. Despite multiple demands for the car, Kroy allegedly refused to hand it over, and it remained at his Georgia residence with his wife, Zolciak. The company stated that he either made partial payments or failed to make payments during the specified period, with the last payment being made in September 2022. Kroy’s attorney commented on the situation, expressing that Kroy never expected to find himself in this position and attributing it to the aftermath of overspending due to his retirement from the NFL.

In addition to the lawsuit, Biermann and Zolciak recently filed a petition in court to halt an upcoming foreclosure auction for their property, which they had listed for $6 million. Zolciak emphasized the importance of their home to their family and expressed their belief that the sale proceeds could help alleviate their financial difficulties and secure a stable future for their children. However, they are facing the looming threat of foreclosure and are in urgent need of assistance.

As of now, a judge has not made a ruling on the matter. The couple’s legal battles seem to be ongoing, and it remains to be seen what the final outcome will be for Kroy and Zolciak in this difficult situation.

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