Brawl breaks out backstage during reality show filming at FLA Live Arena

Rapper Joseline Hernandez and reality TV star Lex got into a heated dispute backstage at an event in Florida. Hernandez was seen kicking Lex while she was down and putting her in a headlock. It is unclear what caused the altercation, but the two were eventually separated.

A brawl erupted between Hernandez and Lex backstage at the FLA Live Arena, with footage showing Hernandez kicking Lex while she was down and putting her in a headlock.

A heated argument between reality TV personalities Joseline Hernandez and Lex turned into a full-blown brawl on Sunday at the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida. The incident, which was captured on video, shows Hernandez consistently kicking Lex while the latter was down, and attempting to land punches. What led to the scuffle remains unclear.

Despite others’ attempts to break up the fight, Hernandez managed to break free and put Lex into a headlock, with Lex fighting back and trying to defend herself while topless. In the end, the two were separated, but the video quickly went viral, prompting a lot of discussion online.

Hernandez and Lex had both appeared on Joseline’s Cabaret, Hernandez’s reality TV series. It’s unclear if their feud had started before or during filming of the show. Regardless, the brawl was a display of violent behavior that is unacceptable anywhere, let alone at a public event. We can only hope that both women have learned a valuable lesson and will work towards resolving any conflicts in a more civilized manner in the future.

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