Brittish Williams Appeals 4-Year Prison Sentence – Alleges Unfair Treatment

Reality star and businesswoman Brittish Williams is appealing her 4-year prison sentence after being accused of bank and wire fraud, in addition to other financial crimes, to the higher court. Williams admitted to under-reporting her income and falsely claiming dependents on her tax returns, and also fraudulently used Social Security numbers not assigned to her to open accounts and obtain pandemic loans. Her lawyer believes that she was treated unfairly due to her status as a public figure and will challenge the sentence through every legal means available.

Reality TV star Brittish Williams filed an appeal for review of her 4-year prison sentence, in response to being convicted of bank and wire fraud, claiming she was treated unfairly due to her celebrity status.

Reality TV star Brittish Williams is fighting back against her 4-year prison sentence. Williams, best known for her appearance on Basketball Wives, recently filed an appeal in an effort to have her time behind bars reduced. The appeal was made following her sentencing in federal court on October 24, 2023. According to court documents obtained by sources, her lawyer is seeking to have the appellate court review whether the lower court judge used the proper guidelines when imposing the sentence.

The charges against Williams include bank and wire fraud, with prosecutors accusing her of misusing social security numbers and making false statements to the IRS. As part of her plea deal, Williams admitted to under-reporting her income on her tax returns and fraudulently using Social Security numbers to open accounts with credit card companies and banks.

Despite Williams’ lawyer’s efforts to argue that she was unfairly targeted due to her celebrity status, the reality star was ultimately handed a 4-year prison sentence, along with a hefty fine of $564,000 in restitution and five years of probation following her release. She was described as being furious with the sentence and left court in haste with her friends.

Williams’ legal battle has been a highly publicized affair, with the reality star raising concerns about the impact of her legal troubles on her career. During her time out on bond, she claimed that the restrictions imposed by the court, such as wearing an anklet bracelet, had caused issues with her work commitments. Amidst the ongoing legal drama, Williams is determined to challenge her sentence through every available legal avenue.

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