Broadway star Jeremy Jordan hopes to sing a Disney ballad

Broadway star Jeremy Jordan expressed interest in singing the next big Disney ballad, stating it would be wonderful to be cast in the next big Disney project. Jordan, who grew up in Texas, spoke about the challenges he faced being a boy who liked to sing and said if you do anything that is not traditionally masculine, it is often assumed you are gay. Jordan currently plays Casablanca Records founder Neil Bogart in the new film “Spinning Gold” and does not do any singing.

Broadway star Jeremy Jordan expressed interest in singing the next big Disney ballad, and talked about his experience growing up in Texas where assumptions were made about his sexuality due to his love for singing.

Broadway star Jeremy Jordan expressed his interest in singing the next big Disney ballad during the premiere of his latest movie “Spinning Gold”. When Page Six commented on his resemblance to Disney royalty, Jordan responded with excitement, saying, “Oh, you can tell Disney that. That’d be great…That would be wonderful!” He added that being cast in the next big Disney project would be “wonderful”. Jordan made his Broadway debut in 2009, performing in “Rock of Ages”.

Growing up in Texas as a boy who loved to sing, Jordan admitted that it was difficult for him as he often faced assumptions that he was gay. “If you do anything that’s not traditionally masculine then yeah it’s an assumption,” he said in an interview with Page Six. Jordan married fellow Broadway performer Ashley Spencer in 2012 and they share a daughter named Clara who is almost 4 years old.

Jordan’s latest film “Spinning Gold” portrays the late music executive Neil Bogart. He shares the screen with former “SNL” cast member Jay Pharoah. Pharoah commented that he enjoyed filming a movie set in the ‘70s, a time when “the world made sense”. The movie follows Bogart’s journey as he launched the careers of KISS, Parliament, Donna Summer, the Village People, and the Isley Brothers. Bogart died of cancer in 1982 at age 39.

Jordan, who did not sing in “Spinning Gold”, has performed in many Broadway shows, including “Newsies”. He is known for being a sensitive and emotionally available person, and values long-term relationships. Jordan has been married to Ashley Spencer since 2012 and together they have a daughter named Clara.

Other Broadway stars at The Roxy event included Shoshana Bean, Lena Hall, Krysta Rodriguez, Orfeh, and Andy Karl. Music royalty Valerie Simpson and The Village People’s Ray Simpson were also in attendance.

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