“Burberry Bag Becomes Objectionable Fashion Accessory in “Succession” Season 4 Premiere”

During the Season 4 premiere of “Succession,” a Burberry bag became the subject of ridicule due to its size and pattern, with Tom calling it an “enormous faux pas.” The almost-$3,000 carryall was likened to an Ikea shopping bag and Mary Poppins’ magical tapestry tote on Twitter. Real research went into landing on the right style for the scene, with “Succession” creator Jesse Armstrong interviewing a wealthy New York woman to determine the most offensive bag someone could bring to an event.

A Burberry bag stolen the spotlight in the season 4 premiere of “Succession” and was ridiculed for its size and flashy pattern by the character Tom Wambsgans.

The Season 4 premiere of “Succession” on Sunday night introduced viewers to a new star: a $2,890 Burberry bag worn by Bridget, Cousin Greg’s date to Logan Roy’s birthday party. However, the bag did not receive a warm reception from Tom Wambsgans, who called it “enormous faux pas” and “ludicrously capacious.” Tom went on to question what could possibly be in such a large bag, likening it to an Ikea shopping bag or a bank robber’s tote.

Interestingly, the show’s creator, Jesse Armstrong, revealed that the offensive bag wasn’t chosen at random. In fact, they interviewed a wealthy New York woman to find out what the most offensive bag someone could bring to an event would be. It seems like the checked Burberry tote bag checked all the right boxes.

The bag is a stark contrast to the more subtly branded styles favored by the wealthy Roys, with its flashy pattern and large size screaming Burberry. While some viewers found it hilariously awful, others praised the show’s attention to detail in selecting the perfect bag to make its debut on the show. One Twitter user even called it “perfectly awful.”

The “Succession” bag debacle once again highlights the importance of accessories in making a statement with one’s outfit, especially when it comes to high-end designer brands. But whether you love or hate the Burberry tote, it’s clear it stood out and generated buzz among fans of the show, making it a successful cameo in its own right.

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