Cat Cora, Food Network Star, Files for Bankruptcy with Over $1 Million in Debt

Food Network star Cat Cora has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, revealing that she owes over $1 million to creditors. In court documents, Cora listed her assets as worth $10,943 and her liabilities as totaling $1,193,516. She claimed to have a monthly income of $4,167 but monthly expenses of $29,118, leaving her in significant debt.

Food Network star Cat Cora has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, revealing that she owes over $1 million to creditors, including her ex-wife Jennifer, and is struggling to cover her monthly expenses despite earning an average income of $4,167.

Title: Food Network Star Cat Cora Files for Bankruptcy with Debts Exceeding $1 Million

Renowned Food Network star Cat Cora, known for her culinary expertise, has recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, claiming a staggering debt of over $1 million owed to several creditors. The court documents obtained in this matter reveal that Cora possesses assets valued at $10,943, while her liabilities amount to $1,193,516. With monthly expenses of $29,118 exceeding her average monthly income of $4,167, the celebrity chef finds herself in a precarious financial situation. In this article, we delve into the details of this bankruptcy filing and the associated disputes.

Cora’s Financial State:
According to the bankruptcy filing, Cat Cora’s assets mostly comprise a dining room set valued at $1,500, kitchen utensils and plates worth $1,000, and clothing worth $2,000. At the time of filing, her Union Bank checking account held only $5,643. Notably, she owes domestic support obligations to her ex-wife Jennifer, but the specific amount is not disclosed. Additionally, Cora lists significant debts, including $45,000 owed to American Express, $150,000 to a New Jersey law firm, $283,000 to a divorce lawyer, $113,000 to another Santa Barbara law firm, $150,000 to attorney Susan Wiesner, and $450,000 to the IRS.

Expenses and Business Ventures:
The bankruptcy filing outlines Cora’s substantial monthly expenses, including $6,500 for her rental home, $17,000 in support payments, and $5,000 for food and housekeeping supplies. Given her total monthly expenses of $29,118, Cora confronts a staggering deficit of $25,000 each month. Furthermore, her businesses have also succumbed to financial strains, leading to their own bankruptcy filings.

Disputes and Allegations:
In response to the bankruptcy, Cat Cora’s ex-wife Jennifer has raised objections, accusing Cora of orchestrating the bankruptcy to evade her court-ordered domestic support obligations. Jennifer has argued that Cat has failed to make support payments since the filing and has deliberately delayed presenting a reorganization plan for her debt. In her motion, she contends that Cora’s motive for filing bankruptcy is to hinder her ability to claim overdue support payments from Catherine’s business entities. Jennifer is pushing for an immediate dismissal of the Chapter 11 case and demands Cat’s accountability for the money owed.

Food Network star Cat Cora’s filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, coupled with her substantial debts and ongoing disputes with her ex-wife, has created a tumultuous financial situation for the renowned chef. As this case unfolds, it remains to be seen how it will impact her personal and professional life, and whether a resolution to the conflicts arising from the bankruptcy filing can be reached.

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