Celebrities Who Indulge In Gambling

Celebrities Who Indulge In Gambling
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Gambling is a lifestyle that is as old as the human race. Archaeologists have discovered gambling tools even in ancient Chinese and Roman civilizations. Some scientists believe that gambling is part of human nature. For example, before the advent of modern gambling, farmers used their crops to wager bets. Some have even used their personal belongings like houses and vehicles.

So it’s no surprise that celebrities have also taken to gambling on popular sites. Due to the wide variety of games at a casino, and the opportunity to socialize, celebrities tnd to visit casinos. Also, online casinos like australiainternetpokies.com have made the practice much more commonplace. One feature among stars who gamble is that they do not mind spending massive amounts on bets. Since they have so much money, who will begrudge them how they spend it?. Most significantly, they don’t mind making huge betting losses.

Here are seven celebrities who have a gambling addiction. All of them have admitted to gambling as a form of pastime.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather is known for placing big money bets in casinos. At one time, he placed a bet on college football that was worth $450,000. That shows how much of a gambling addiction he has. He was known as one of boxing’s wealthiest champions. That gave him the liberty to place big money bets. But one wonders what would happen when he leaves boxing, and the money stops coming? His addiction could eventually ruin him.

One of the known losses by Mayweather Jr. was a reported loss of $10,000,000 when he placed a bet that the Denver Broncos would win the super bowl, which they eventually lost. Many times, his family is known to rescue him from his losses.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is known as one of the most fantastic whales in the game of poker. That goes with his title of one of the greatest Basketball players. During the 1990s, his losses in betting on golf, baccarat, and Blackjack amounted to millions of dollars that caused a controversy. Also, in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, he went to the games more for gambling than to play. This caused fans to be outraged.

According to rumors, his gambling addiction made him retire from basketball.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is notorious for his acting as well as gambling. The multiple Oscar awards winner was once banned from a casino because he was accused of “counting cards.” Counting cards is not an illegal practice, but casinos frown on it. In addition, the actor has featured in several adverts promoting gambling. Friends say Ben is excellent at poker and Blackjack. He wins so many times that his gambling has become an “addiction.”

But many gamblers say they love to play with him. He is sometimes seen as an easy win at poker. He has often been accused of running poker Ponzi schemes, but that accusation has not been proved.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is the Olympian who has won the most game medals. He is also the most crowned swimmer of all time. But that reputation doesn’t prevent him from having a gambling problem as a long-time poker player. It is said that some of his best friendships were cultivated at the table playing poker. Friends now fear that the gambling habit could ruin him.

His weakness is his competitive nature. He doesn’t quit until he wins. But such an attitude toward gambling would surely lead to financial disaster. Phelps is worth around $45 million, but he would be ruined if he continued gambling at the rate he was doing before his retirement.

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is one of the famous NBA stars who is now retired. Currently, he works as a television analyst with the TNT network. Barkley made so much wealth while playing in the NBA. But he has a shortcoming which is gambling. Many of his friends say that his competitive nature is fueling his problem.

He once admitted that he had lost about $30 million to gambling.

Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight is one of the most prominent soul singers of our generation. She is tagged the “empress of soul.” She is also a famous actress. The seven Grammy Award winner is also avid gambler. She is among the female celebrities who have lost a fortune at the table.

During her gambling, she said that she didn’t care about her family due to her addiction. She started gambling when a friend introduced her to Blackjack.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey is the familiar face of Spider-man. He is a successful American actor and film producer. However, he is known to do weird things at the gambling table. He was addicted to alcohol during his teenage years but has overcome it. Unfortunately, he is yet to do the same for his gambling addiction.

In 2011, he was faced with a lawsuit due to gambling. But he settled the lawsuit. It was a case concerning gambling bets he won in 2008, but his opponent had used stolen cash to place bets. However, the suit has given him a bad reputation in his career, which is difficult to ward off.


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