Celebrity Couple Carl Radke & Lindsay Hubbard Call Off Engagement: Season 8 Drama on Bravo

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard, stars of Bravo’s Summer House, have reportedly called off their engagement and wedding. The breakup was filmed and will be featured in Season 8 of the show. Lindsay held her bridal shower just two weeks before the news broke.

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard have called off their engagement, with the breakup being filmed and potentially airing on the next season of Summer House.

Title: Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke Reportedly Called Off Their Wedding

Lindsay Hubbard’s highly anticipated wedding with fiancé Carl Radke has reportedly been called off, according to sources. The couple, who initially started off as best friends and became a couple, were set to tie the knot in just three months. However, insiders have revealed that the breakup was caught on camera and is expected to play out in the upcoming eighth season of the Bravo show.

A source close to the situation shared the news, stating, “Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard have called off their engagement. The two were set to get married in November, but Carl told Lindsay he couldn’t move forward with the wedding.” The breakup was reportedly filmed, and viewers can anticipate witnessing the events leading to their split on the next season of Summer House.

Queens of Bravo, a popular Instagram account dedicated to Bravo reality shows, was the first to confirm the news. Their reliable source confirmed that Carl initiated the decision to call off the engagement, which was discussed on camera. RadarOnline.com has reached out to Bravo, Carl, and Lindsay for comment regarding the breakup.

Just two weeks ago, Lindsay celebrated her bridal shower at Moxy East Village’s Cathédrale in New York City, surrounded by her closest friends, family, and Summer House castmates. Wearing a stunning white cocktail dress, Lindsay expressed her gratitude for the support and love she received on this special occasion. Summer House stars Amanda Batula, Danielle Olivera, Ciara Miller, Gabby Prescod, and Samantha Feher were all in attendance to share in the joyous celebration.

Lindsay and Carl’s journey has been closely followed by fans throughout the Summer House seasons. Their friendship evolved into a romantic relationship, with several ups and downs along the way. In August 2022, the couple announced their engagement with Lindsay showcasing her beautiful 3.5-carat diamond ring. The proposal took place at Dune Beach in Southampton, New York, and was captured by the show’s cameras.

While the specific reasons behind their decision to call off the wedding remain unknown, it is worth noting that Carl had embarked on a sober journey following the death of his brother. Lindsay, too, had made efforts to adapt her drinking habits to support him. However, as she resumed drinking during the filming of Summer House, it is unclear whether alcohol played a role in their breakup.

Their wedding was scheduled to take place in Mexico this fall, but it seems that the plans have been derailed. Lindsay had expressed her excitement for the impending nuptials, emphasizing how quickly time was passing. Nevertheless, the joyous anticipation has now transformed into uncertainty and disappointment as the couple navigates this unexpected turn of events.

As fans eagerly await the new season of Summer House, they can prepare to witness the emotional journey of Lindsay and Carl as their once-blossoming romance meets its challenging crossroads.

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