Chaka Khan Apologizes for Slamming Rolling Stone’s List of “The Greatest Singers of All Time”

Music legend Chaka Khan has apologised for slamming “the world’s greatest singers” after being ranked 29th in a Rolling Stone list. In a statement on Instagram, Khan said she hadn’t meant to “cause pain or upset anyone,” and had been “unfairly put into ‘boxes,’ ‘categories’ or on ‘lists.'” She had previously criticised the list and called the magazine’s editors “blind bitches” who “need hearing aids.”

Chaka Khan apologized for her comments about “the world’s greatest singers” after criticizing other artists for being ranked higher than her on a list by Rolling Stone.

Music icon Chaka Khan issued an apology on Instagram after calling out Rolling Stone’s ranking of “The 200 Greatest Singers of All Time.” Khan had been ranked at No. 29 on the list, and in an interview for Andrew Goldman’s “Originals” podcast, she called the editors “blind bitches” who “need hearing aids.” She also criticized some of the artists who were ranked above her, jokingly alleging that Mariah Carey must have bribed the magazine to get a better ranking. However, in her apology, Khan admitted that she had been “unfairly put into ‘boxes,’ ‘categories,’ or on ‘lists,'” and that being a musician was not a competition.

Khan expressed her dedication to empowering other artists and her belief that “all artists are the architects of change.” She praised artists like Beyoncé and Aretha Franklin, who topped the list at No. 1. Khan also stated that as an artist, she was “truly grateful” for the gift she had been given.

This is not the first time Khan has made candid remarks about the music industry. In a previous interview with Page Six, she stated that singers who need to use Auto-tune simply shouldn’t sing at all. While she acknowledged that there were “some very fine young artists out there doing great work,” she also criticized those who relied on technology to enhance their vocals.

Khan’s apology highlights the need for artists to support each other and reject the idea that music is a competition. As she stated in her Instagram post, “change begins within the heart,” and it is up to all musicians to empower one another and use their talents to create positive change in the world.

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