Chris Noth allegedly felt abandoned by co-stars after sexual assault allegations

Actor Chris Noth reportedly felt excluded and abandoned by his former “Sex and the City” co-stars, including Sarah Jessica Parker, following multiple sexual assault allegations against him. Noth believes that the cast owes him an apology for giving him the cold shoulder, despite never being charged with a crime and maintaining that the encounters were consensual. Parker and her co-stars released a joint statement expressing their support for the women who came forward with the allegations.

Chris Noth, known for his role in “Sex and the City,” reportedly feels excluded and believes he deserves an apology from his former co-stars, including Sarah Jessica Parker, after facing multiple sexual assault allegations which he vehemently denies.

Title: Chris Noth Feels ‘Iced Out’ by ‘Sex and the City’ Co-Stars Following Sexual Assault Allegations

In a recent report published by, it has been alleged that actor Chris Noth, famous for his role as Mr. Big in “Sex and the City” and its reboot “And Just Like That,” felt isolated from his former co-stars, including Sarah Jessica Parker. Noth reportedly believes that the cast owes him an apology for the treatment he received after being hit with multiple sexual assault allegations in 2021. The insider revealed that Noth is often excluded from social events, does not receive greetings or birthday wishes, leaving him wondering why he continues to be left out in the cold.

Despite never being charged with any crimes and maintaining that the encounters in question were consensual, Noth faced a backlash and suffered a significant blow to his career after being accused of assault by multiple women. The backlash resulted in his firing from the show “The Equalizer,” cancellation of his ad campaign with Peloton, and being dropped by his agency, A3 Artists. Moreover, in the first episode of the “And Just Like That” reboot, Noth’s character was killed off, and his scheduled cameo in the Season 1 finale was cut.

In response to the allegations, Noth vehemently denied them, stating, “The accusations against me made by individuals I met years, even decades, ago are categorically false.” He also questioned the timing of these claims, noting that he respects the importance of consent and made it clear that he did not assault these women. Despite Noth’s denial, his former co-stars, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis, expressed their sadness over the allegations, emphasizing their support for the women who bravely shared their experiences.

As of May 2022, Parker admitted that she had not spoken to Noth since the claims came out. Representatives for both Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker have not yet responded to Page Six’s request for comment.

It remains to be seen how this controversy will impact Chris Noth’s career and relationships with his former co-stars. In an industry that has been increasingly focused on accountability and addressing allegations of harassment and assault, the aftermath of such accusations can have lasting effects on the accused party. As more information on this story unfolds, it will be interesting to see if any further developments occur or if resolutions can be reached between Noth and his former co-stars.

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