Christina Ricci accuses ex-husband of being vindictive over their child’s travel

Actress Christina Ricci is accusing her ex-husband of being vindictive for allegedly blocking their 8-year-old son from going on a work trip with her to New York City. Ricci claimed that her ex-husband initially agreed to let their son travel with her but later changed his mind. She is seeking an emergency hearing and expressed concerns about his retaliatory behavior and its impact on her employment and professional reputation.

Actress Christina Ricci accuses her ex-husband of being vindictive for not allowing their son to go on a work trip with her and expresses concerns about his behavior and potential impact on their custody arrangement.

Title: Christina Ricci Accuses Ex-Husband of Preventing Son from Joining Her on Work Trip

Actress Christina Ricci, best known for her role in “Casper,” is caught in a legal battle with her ex-husband, James Heerdegen. Ricci alleges that Heerdegen changed his mind about allowing their 8-year-old son, Freddie, to accompany her on a work trip to New York City. According to court documents obtained by Page Six, Ricci claims that Heerdegen’s actions were “vindictive” and aims to address the issue in court.

In the court documents, filed on June 20, Ricci expresses her concerns about Heerdegen’s refusal, stating that it was clearly motivated by a desire to exact revenge. Initially, Heerdegen had agreed to let her take Freddie on the trip. However, he later changed his mind. Ricci provided text message exchanges as evidence, where Heerdegen originally stated that he had no problem with their son traveling with her for a few days. Yet, on June 19, he mentioned pending matters that required a court hearing, causing Ricci to raise concerns about him reneging on the agreement.

Believing that Heerdegen’s behavior may impact her employment and professional reputation, Ricci accuses him of purposefully incurring unnecessary attorneys’ fees. She requests the court to consider his retaliatory litigation conduct when making custody orders. This is not the first time Ricci has had to file an ex parte regarding her ability to travel for work with Freddie. In January, her ex-husband allegedly reneged on his agreement to allow their son to travel with her for work in Canada, leading to the filing of the first ex parte.

Ricci emphasizes that Heerdegen’s actions seem to be fueled by a desire to harass and punish her, rather than prioritizing their son’s best interests. The details of their divorce and custody arrangement are shared, with Ricci having the final say on their son’s education and medical care, for which she bears the expenses. Heerdegen was given visitation rights and Ricci agreed to cover his reasonable travel and accommodation costs, including economy airfare.

Christina Ricci continues to battle with her ex-husband, James Heerdegen, over their parenting agreement and custody rights. The actress alleges that his refusal to allow their son, Freddie, to accompany her on a work trip to New York City was a vindictive move. As the legal proceedings unfold, it remains to be seen how the court will address the dispute and evaluate Heerdegen’s alleged retaliatory conduct.

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