Controversial Instances of Racial Slurs & Insensitive Remarks on CBS Reality Show

The CBS reality show has had its fair share of controversy, including instances of white contestants using racial slurs on camera. In one season, a contestant was caught using the N-word while rapping along to a song, while other cast members made inappropriate comments about their fake tan colors, using the word “ghetto” to describe them. Such incidents have sparked criticism and raised concerns about racial insensitivity on the show.

The CBS reality show has faced controversy over the years with instances of white contestants using racial slurs on camera, such as when a contestant rapped along to a song with the N-word and when cast mates made insensitive comments about their fake tans and referred to a Black cast mate as “ghetto.”

Title: Controversial Moments on CBS Reality Show: Casting the Spotlight on Racial Insensitivity

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The CBS reality show has never shied away from controversy, with instances of racially insensitive behavior by white contestants making headlines. One such incident occurred during the 20th season back in 2018 when contestant Kaitlyn Herman was caught on camera using a racial slur while rapping along to Drake’s 0 to 100. This incident raised serious concerns about respect and appropriate language within the show’s contestant pool.

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Sadly, the lack of sensitivity did not end there. In that same season, cast members Angela Rummans and Rachel Swindler engaged in a conversation about their artificially darkened skin tones, using the term “ghetto” to describe their appearance. Swindler commented on her tan, stating, “My stomach is as dark as Bay,” referring to another cast mate, Bayleigh Dayton, who is Black. Rummans responded, saying, “I’m looking ghetto here with the skin coloration.” Such remarks not only perpetuate harmful stereotypes but also highlight the discomfortingly casual use of racially charged language on the show.

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These incidents expose a need for the CBS reality series to address and rectify issues of racial insensitivity among its contestants. Given the show’s vast reach and influence, it is essential that it sets the right example for its viewers. Racial slurs and the casual normalization of racial stereotypes have no place in today’s society, and platforms like this reality show should take the lead in fostering inclusivity, understanding, and respect.

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