Couple shares three minor children- Michael Sterling Jr., Maverick Sterling, & Marley Sterling. Eva had Marley with her ex-Kevin McCall. No alimony or child support requested or paid. Both parties have sufficient income to support children.

Eva and Michael have three children together, including one from Eva’s previous relationship. In their agreement, they have waived alimony and spousal support, and Eva has not asked for child support from Michael. Both parties have sufficient income and assets to support their children, so they have agreed not to pay direct child support to each other.

The couple has three minor children together, with one child being from Eva’s previous relationship, and they have mutually agreed to waive alimony and spousal support, as well as not request child support from each other due to both parties having sufficient income and assets to support the children in their respective homes.

Title: Eva Marcille and Michael Sterling Settle Child Support Dispute: Putting Children First

Eva Marcille, a renowned television personality, and her former partner, Michael Sterling, have recently reached an amicable agreement regarding their minor children. Although parting ways can be challenging, both Eva and Michael have displayed maturity and prioritized the well-being of their three beloved children: Michael Sterling Jr., Maverick Sterling, and Marley Sterling – who was conceived during Eva’s previous relationship with Kevin McCall.

In an admirable move, the former couple jointly decided to waive any entitlement to alimony or spousal support, showcasing their commitment to separating on amicable terms. Furthermore, Eva selflessly chose not to request child support from Michael, demonstrating a mutual understanding of their financial capabilities. Financial records indicate that both Eva and Michael possess substantial incomes, each exceeding $30,000 per month.

“The parties agree that each has ample income and assets to support the Children in their respective homes. Accordingly, the parties agree that neither shall pay direct child support to the other,” affirmed the recently resolved agreement. Clearly, their utmost concern lies in ensuring that their children are provided for adequately. This agreement reflects their unwavering dedication to maintaining stability and financial security for their youngsters.

Eva and Michael’s positive outcome is both inspiring and commendable. By setting aside personal differences and focusing on their children’s welfare, they have established a harmonious co-parenting relationship that will undoubtedly create a nurturing environment for their children. Through open communication, empathy, and mutual respect, they have embraced the challenge of co-parenting with grace and maturity.

While this settlement marks the end of a certain chapter in their lives, it paves the way for a new era filled with cooperation, support, and countless cherished moments with their children. Eva and Michael’s story serves as a reminder to all parents that the best interests of their children should always be placed at the forefront. By prioritizing love, understanding, and collaboration, they have exemplified how to navigate the complexities of modern family dynamics.

In conclusion, Eva Marcille and Michael Sterling’s selfless approach to their child support agreement is undoubtedly an inspiration to many. Their unyielding devotion towards their children’s happiness and well-being stands as a testament to their parenting skills and innate desire to put family first. As they embark on this new chapter, it is evident that their commitment to fostering a harmonious co-parenting relationship will continue to empower their children to thrive in an environment filled with love, stability, and unwavering support.

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