Cynthia Bailey’s Ex-Husb & Peter Thomas’ Miami Restaurant Faces New Legal Woes

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey’s ex-husband Peter Thomas is facing legal troubles at his Miami restaurant, Bar One. The restaurant has been hit with two separate lawsuits for breach of contract, with companies alleging that they have not been paid for seafood products delivered to the restaurant. Thomas is also being sued for eviction by the landlord over unpaid rent and charges.

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey’s ex-husband Peter Thomas is facing new legal troubles as his Miami restaurant, Bar One, is being sued for breach of contract and unpaid invoices by Port Royale Trading Co. and 24/7 Seafood Distributor Corp.

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey’s ex-husband, Peter Thomas, is facing more legal troubles with his Miami restaurant, Bar One. After being sued for eviction, the restaurant now has two additional lawsuits to contend with, on top of the ongoing landlord dispute.

The first lawsuit was filed by Port Royale Trading Co. on May 12, alleging breach of contract. The company claims that Bar One failed to pay for seafood products delivered to the restaurant on May 13, 2022. The invoices attached to the lawsuit detail multiple deliveries, including whole snapper, fresh-cut snapper, crabmeat, black tiger shrimp, seabass fillet, salmon, oysters, and white shrimp. Port Royale is seeking payment of $2,000.27.

Around the same time, 24/7 Seafood Distributor Corp. also filed a separate lawsuit against Bar One, accusing the restaurant of failing to pay for seafood and other products ordered over time. The lawsuit highlights the defendant’s failure to honor invoices for the items sold. As of now, Peter Thomas has not responded to either lawsuit.

In addition to these new legal woes, Bar One is already embroiled in a separate eviction lawsuit brought by Bentley Bay Retail LLC, the restaurant’s landlord. The lawsuit claims that Thomas owes rent and other charges. It is worth noting that Thomas has operated Bar One since 2019 and had plans to open another restaurant called 1 Society. However, a legal battle with the landlord over 1 Society ensued, resulting in yet more complications for Thomas and his businesses.

DTS DT Retail also sued Thomas, Bar One Miami Beach, and 1 Society, alleging a breach of lease agreement. According to the lawsuit, Thomas leased a property from DTS in February 2022, but subsequently failed to pay rent starting from October of the same year. At the time of filing the lawsuit, Thomas owed a total of $61,000 in back rent. Thomas, on the other hand, accused DTS of breaching the contract first, and the judge eventually ordered 1 Society to return the keys.

These recent legal developments have undoubtedly added to the challenges facing Peter Thomas and his Miami restaurant. It remains to be seen how these lawsuits will unfold and how they will impact the future of Bar One and Thomas’s other business ventures.

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