Danny Bonaduce Joins the Club of Cool Guys with Canes Due to Neurological Disorder

Danny Bonaduce, former child star and reality TV personality, has revealed he now needs to use a cane due to a neurological disorder. He attributes the cause to various things he did for reality TV and getting hit in the head with a guitar. Bonaduce is an avid boxer who participates in celebrity matches and once took a punch from professional athlete José Canseco without hitting the floor.

Danny Bonaduce has joined the “club of cool guys with canes,” blaming a neurological disorder on past injuries sustained during his reality TV career and celebrity boxing matches.

Former child actor and reality TV star Danny Bonaduce has been spotted clutching a red walking stick, announcing his membership to the “club of cool guys with canes”. The actor who rose to fame in the 1970s sitcom, The Partridge Family, explained that the cause of his recent diagnosis of a neurological disorder cannot be pinpointed to one specific event. However, he did speculate that a number of stunts and accidents endured while filming reality TV shows is the most likely trigger.

Bonaduce revealed that he may have suffered a concussion after being struck on the head with a guitar, and this could have been the initial trigger for the disorder. The star is known for his involvement in celebrity boxing matches and had been punched in the face by former baseball player José Canseco and managed to stay on his feet. Bonaduce acknowledged that the physical challenges engaged in are not wise decisions for someone with a neurological disorder but hoped that his admission of this would help others to avoid engaging in similarly high-risk activities.

The former child actor has become a popular radio host in recent years and is known for his controversial views and outspoken opinions, as well as his association with Las Vegas. Bonaduce assured his fans that his diagnosis would not impact his radio show and that he would continue to live his life to the fullest. He did add that if the neurological disorder were to ever progress, he would consider moving to a city where he could receive specialized medical care.

Bonaduce’s announcement has been met with empathy and support from his fans, who have expressed their admiration for his courage in sharing his health struggles publicly, and their hopes for his full recovery. Although Bonaduce did not reveal the name or details of his neurological disorder, his openness and candor are commendable and have provided valuable insight into the reality of living with a health condition, especially in the public eye.

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