De Moura apologizes to Nepola via text after cast trip

Real Housewife Lea De Moura apologized to a former co-star, Marysol Nepola, after their cast trip, and apologized again during filming of Season 5 reunion. She expressed feeling like her apologies were never enough and that her friends were fairweather friends. De Moura believes that her friends only wanted to be friends when she was married and successful.

De Moura apologized to Nepola and expressed frustration with her cast members for not forgiving her mistakes and only being friends with her when she had something to offer.

During the cast trip, De Moura apologized to Nepola via text for her behavior. She expressed regret for not living up to Nepola’s expectations and felt that no matter what she did, it would not be enough to satisfy her. Speaking off-camera and during Season 5 reunion, De Moura reiterated her remorse and opened up about her struggles with the cast.

De Moura felt that the other cast members were not willing to forgive her and were constantly criticizing her. She admitted, “I feel like they keep kicking me when I’m down.” De Moura went on to say that the cast had only been her friends when she was married and successful. She referred to them as “fairweather friends.”

Despite her efforts to make amends, De Moura continued to feel isolated from the rest of the cast. She was struggling with her personal life, which may have contributed to her behavior. Fans of the show were interested in how the situation would develop and whether De Moura and Nepola could reconcile.

In conclusion, De Moura’s apology to Nepola highlights the struggles of maintaining friendships in the public eye. The pressure of being on a reality show, coupled with personal issues, can take a toll on one’s relationships. De Moura’s story serves as a reminder to be kind and understanding to those going through a difficult time, regardless of their public image.

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