DeJesus’ post hints at her ex’s absence amid Stella’s medical scare

DeJesus made a post about Stella’s medical scare but did not mention her ex or his absence in their daughter’s life. Hernandez has faced criticism from Teen Mom fans for not being involved with Stella since her surgery in 2018. One possible reason for his distance may be a recent arrest in Florida on undisclosed charges.

DeJesus did not mention her ex amid her daughter Stella’s medical scare, and Hernandez has faced criticism from Teen Mom fans for his absence in Stella’s life, possibly due to his recent arrest, while DeJesus has another child with her ex Devoin Austin.

It seems like Teen Mom star Briana DeJesus has recently gone through another difficult phase with her daughter Stella’s health scare. However, amidst the chaos, there was no mention of her ex, Luis Hernandez, offering support or being present during their daughter’s medical ordeal. This absence has caused frustration among Teen Mom fans, who have been critical of Hernandez’s consistent absence in Stella’s life.

While many have been puzzled by Hernandez’s lack of involvement, one possible reason for his recent distance could be traced back to a legal issue he faced in May. During that time, Hernandez was charged with three undisclosed counts in Florida, which might have impacted his ability to be present for Stella during her health scare. It’s worth noting that Stella is the only child that DeJesus shares with Hernandez, while her older daughter, Nova, aged 11, is from a previous relationship with Devoin Austin.

These events paint a challenging picture for DeJesus, as she navigates her daughter’s health concerns while simultaneously dealing with parenting differences between her two exes. It remains unclear how Hernandez’s legal troubles will further impact his relationship with Stella, or if he will step up to offer the support that DeJesus and their daughter so desperately need.

The road ahead seems uncertain for DeJesus and Stella. As their story continues to unfold, fans are left wondering whether Hernandez will prioritize his daughter’s well-being and make amends for his past absences. Will he rise to the occasion and prove himself as a loving and responsible father, or will DeJesus be left to face these challenges on her own? Only time will tell.

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