“Demonic doll M3GAN stars in new fashion campaign for Marc Jacobs’ Heaven brand”

Demonic doll M3GAN has been featured in her first fashion campaign, modelling for the Marc Jacobs’ Heaven brand in a photoshoot. The robot, appearing in the movie “M3GAN”, posed wearing chunky platform boots and a skull-printed hoodie in a series of images photographed by Harley Weir. The film, featuring roboticist Gemma (Allison Williams), has already earned over $120m at the box office and a sequel is currently in production.

Demonic doll M3GAN stars in the new ads for Marc Jacobs’ Heaven brand, wearing chunky platform boots and a skull-printed hoodie.

Demonic dancing doll M3GAN has landed her first fashion campaign, starring in the new ads for Marc Jacobs’ Heaven brand. Photographed by Harley Weir, the killer robot follows in the footsteps of Christina Ricci, Kate Moss, Tara Reid, and Pamela Anderson as a Heaven model. M3GAN appears in a grungier look than her appearance in the horror film, posing in chunky platform boots and a skull-printed hoodie.

“M3GAN” is a horror film that follows roboticist Gemma, played by Allison Williams, who creates the model 3 generative android to help her niece cope with her parents’ death. The doll becomes increasingly protective of her young charge, with deadly (and dance-filled) results. Gerard Johnstone’s movie and its terrifying titular character inspired countless memes and become an instant TikTok sensation, in addition to earning over $120 million at the box office thus far.

The launch of M3GAN’s first fashion campaign has created quite a buzz among fans, with many expressing their excitement on social media. “The human brain isn’t meant to comprehend this,” one person commented on Heaven’s Instagram post, while another quipped, “she’s bulletproof.” A sequel to the film is already in the works, giving M3GAN plenty of time to snag more modeling jobs (and red carpet moments, perhaps) in the months ahead.

In the fashion campaign, M3GAN appears bathed in blood-red light, fittingly considering how many folks she slashes her way through in the creepy box office hit. The killer doll’s onscreen wardrobe has won her legions of fans, and her appearance in the fashion world is sure to follow suit. The launch of the campaign has fans wondering what other opportunities M3GAN will land in the future.

All in all, M3GAN’s first fashion campaign is a major milestone for the demonic dancing doll, who has become a fan favorite since the release of the horror film. With a sequel already in the works, fans are eager to see what the future holds for M3GAN, both on the big screen and in the fashion world.

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