Dick Van Dyke injured in car crash in Malibu, California.

Actor Dick Van Dyke, 97, suffered minor injuries after his car skidded in wet weather and crashed into a gate in Malibu, California. The star turned down an offer to go to hospital after police arrived and was picked up by a friend. The incident has prompted authorities to request that Van Dyke, who is still active in acting, retake his driving test.

Dick Van Dyke crashed his car into a gate in Malibu, California, and suffered a possible concussion, a bloody nose, and mouth, but declined hospitalization and was picked up by a friend.

Legendary actor Dick Van Dyke, aged 97, reportedly crashed his car into a gate in Malibu, California due to wet weather conditions. TMZ reports that the actor suffered a bloody nose and mouth, as well as a possible concussion. Despite being offered hospital treatment, he declined and instead went home with a friend. Drugs and alcohol were not involved in the crash, according to police. However, due to his age, authorities requested that Van Dyke retake his driving test.

This incident follows a similar vehicular accident that the actor was involved in almost a decade ago when he was rescued from his burning Jaguar. Despite being in his nineties, Van Dyke has maintained his passion for exercise and still goes to the gym three times a week, pools, and exercises. He even performed in the TV show The Masked Singer as the singing “Gnome.”

Van Dyke has been married to his second wife, Arlene Silver, now aged 51, since 2012. The couple met when Silver, a makeup artist, was 35, and Van Dyke was 81. The pair remained friends for years before their relationship turned romantic. Van Dyke has four children from his first marriage, which ended in 1984 after 36 years.

Despite his age, Van Dyke is a true performer and has inspired fans with his youthful energy and determination. Neither Van Dyke nor his representative has responded to Page Six’s request for comment on the incident.

Overall, it’s clear that Van Dyke’s health and well-being are of utmost importance, and we hope he can recover from the accident swiftly.

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