Don Lemon fired from CNN after sexism scandal & 17-year tenure

CNN anchor Don Lemon has been fired after 17 years at the news network, which he found out from his agent instead of management. Lemon had been involved in a sexism scandal after stating on air that Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley “isn’t in her prime” as a 51-year-old woman, which resulted in him being benched from the show. Lemon later apologised to his colleagues and audience, and on his return, issued a public apology via Twitter.

Don Lemon claimed he was fired from CNN after 17 years and a sexism scandal, stating in a note posted to social media that he found out from his agent and that “someone in management would have the decency” to tell him directly.

Don Lemon, a long-time anchor at CNN, was fired after 17 years at the network. Lemon claimed on social media that he found out from his agent that he had lost his job, saying that he expected someone in management to inform him directly. The dispute led to a statement from CNN Communications via Twitter, claiming Lemon’s story was “inaccurate,” as he was offered a meeting with management but instead released a statement on Twitter. CNN CEO Chris Licht left no hard feelings, stating Lemon would “forever be part of the CNN family” and adding that the network was “committed” to the success of “CNN This Morning.”

Lemon took a temporary leave from the network after making a sexist remark on air about presidential candidate Nikki Haley, claiming she “isn’t in her prime” as a 51-year-old woman. When Poppy Harlow pressed Lemon on whether he was referencing “prime for childbearing” or “prime for being president,” Lemon doubled down on his sexist remark. After confessing to Harlow and Kaitlan Collins in an internal call, Lemon apologized to them during his temporary leave. He later tweeted publicly, “I’m sorry… I’m committed to doing better.”

Lemon concluded his social media post thanking colleagues for “an amazing” run and wishing them all the best. Lemon worked at CNN for 17 years until the controversy with his sexist remark. The journalist, who anchored the morning broadcast on the day of his firing, appeared to have no idea about the fate of his job as he waved at the end of the show before releasing his statement. The CNN scandal and firing of such a long-time anchor have caused speculation about the future of the network and its commitment to diversity and respect in the workplace.

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