Dorit Kemsley, Real Housewives star, sued by nurse for unpaid services

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley is being sued by a private nurse who claims she was not paid for her services in assisting Kemsley during her plastic surgery recovery. The nurse alleges that she provided medical care and services to Kemsley, submitted an invoice, and was refused payment. A judge has ordered Kemsley to pay $8,675 to the nurse and she is now required to appear in court with her financial records to determine how the debt will be collected.

Reality star Dorit Kemsley from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been taken to court by a private nurse who claims she was not paid $8,600 for providing medical services during the star’s recovery from plastic surgery.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley finds herself embroiled in a legal battle with a private nurse after allegedly failing to compensate her for services provided during her post-plastic surgery recovery. Court documents, obtained recently, reveal that Dorit was sued earlier this year by a nurse named Natalie Vanderstay, who is seeking $8,600 in damages. In her claim, Natalie states that she served as a private duty nurse for Dorit, responsible for tasks such as pain monitoring, medication administration, and addressing medical needs and concerns as directed by the physician.

Despite completing her services and submitting an invoice, Natalie claims that Dorit has steadfastly refused to make payment. According to the nurse, she calculated her owed amount based on an hourly rate of $100 for the 86 hours she worked, leading to the sum of $8,600. In April, a hearing was held, with Natalie attending, while Dorit was absent. However, the reality star was duly served with the legal papers. During the hearing, the judge ruled in Natalie’s favor, ordering Dorit to pay a total of $8,675.

In light of the court’s verdict, the nurse has now demanded that Dorit appear in court with her financial records, which will aid in devising an appropriate strategy for debt collection. This latest legal predicament for Dorit comes as no surprise, as her husband, PK, has encountered numerous legal troubles in the past. Notably, PK recently settled a longstanding debt with the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas, which amounted to $2.27 million. This significant gambling debt had been haunting PK for nearly a decade, and settling it finally brought some relief to the couple.

It remains to be seen how Dorit will proceed in the wake of this court ruling and the ongoing scrutiny surrounding her and her husband’s financial affairs. This legal battle serves as yet another chapter in the Kemsleys’ tumultuous history with the law, adding to the intrigue and drama that often surrounds the Real Housewives franchise. Followers and fans of the show will undoubtedly be watching closely to see how this situation unfolds and how it may impact Dorit’s future on the Beverly Hills reality TV scene.

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