Dr. Moon supports Shannon Beador amid DUI arrest & business partnership

Dr. Moon, who is both a physician and business partner of Shannon Beador, confirmed that he is supporting her after her recent arrest. Beador had previously announced her collaboration with Dr. Moon for his at-home colonic brand called Sitolonic. Although they are in discussions about their partnership, they currently do not have any legally binding agreements in place.

Beador’s physician and business partner, Dr. Moon, expressed his support for the reality star after her recent arrest, stating that their partnership, which involves Beador promoting Dr. Moon’s colonic brand, will not be affected despite lacking any legal obligations at this stage.

Beador’s trusted physician and business partner, Dr. Moon, recently shared his unwavering support for the reality star in the wake of her weekend arrest. In an exclusive interview with us, Dr. Moon confirmed that he will stand by Beador despite the legal troubles she is currently facing. Fans of Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC) were not only surprised by their partnership but also intrigued to learn about their joint venture involving at-home colonic brand, Sitolonic.

Opening up about their professional collaboration, Beador previously expressed her excitement about entering the business world with Dr. Moon. However, it appears that their partnership is still in its preliminary stages, as Dr. Moon revealed that they currently have no legally binding agreement. The duo is engaged in ongoing discussions as they explore the potential of their joint venture.

Interestingly, Dr. Moon emphasized that his partnership with Beador will not be influenced by the recent turn of events. Echoing Bravo’s stance, the physician stated that he intends to move forward as planned, standing by his long-time association with the reality star. Although the legal implications of Beador’s arrest remain uncertain, Dr. Moon remains committed to supporting her.

As fans eagerly await further updates on this unexpected collaboration, it remains to be seen how Beador’s arrest will impact her personal and professional life. With Dr. Moon standing firmly by her side, it is clear that this partnership holds significant importance to both parties involved. As discussions continue, time will tell if this venture can weather the storm and emerge as a successful endeavor in the days to come.

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