Drake Bell battled suicidal thoughts & went missing, but was found safe & received a mental health evaluation. Personal issues & separation from his wife may have contributed to his disappearance.

Actor and singer Drake Bell was reported missing by police after Orlando police received a call from one of the actor’s California family members about his text messages alluding to suicidal thoughts. Police later located Bell and had him evaluated. Bell is currently going through a divorce with his wife Janet Von Schmeling, and rumours suggest that’s the reason behind his personal issues.

Actor Drake Bell reportedly battled suicidal thoughts and threatened to hang himself prior to his disappearance, prompting police involvement and a search for the former Nickelodeon star.

Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell made headlines recently when he went missing for a short time, prompting concerns from fans and the authorities. According to Page Six, the actor was dealing with some personal issues, including a separation from his wife Janet Von Schmeling. Police reports indicate that Bell had suicidal thoughts leading up to his disappearance, and a family member in California had received alarming texts from him.

Orlando police officers were dispatched to locate Bell after they traced his phone to a hotel in the area. The authorities were prompted to act due to concerns of an attempted suicide. Bell was reportedly seen with his son at SeaWorld in Orlando the day before he went missing. Despite this, he disappeared later that evening and was last seen near a high school in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The former child star was later found safe and unharmed by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. The department confirmed that they had taken steps to ensure Bell received a mental health evaluation. Bell’s representatives declined to comment on the matter or the 911 call that sparked the search.

The “Found a Way” singer later tweeted about the incident, seemingly downplaying any concerns by saying, “You leave your phone in the car and don’t answer for the night and this? 😂.” Fans and followers are hoping that Bell will receive the support he needs to overcome any issues he may be facing and move forward in a positive manner.

If you or someone you know is dealing with mental health issues, please consider reaching out to the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988.

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