Drake’s Favorite Italian Spot: Mamo in Soho

Rapper Drake was seen partying at Mamo in Soho for three consecutive nights, staying until 3 am with a group of women, according to sources. The Italian restaurant is known to be one of Drake’s favorites, often closing down to accommodate him. In other news, a fan threw a bra on stage during one of his concerts, prompting Drake to read its size and express interest in meeting the woman.

Drake was spotted partying at Mamo in Soho for three consecutive nights, staying out late with multiple women, and the Italian restaurant frequently closes down to accommodate him.

Title: Drake Parties in New York City, Making a Local Hotspot his Regular Spot

Drake, the renowned rapper and artist, recently made headlines for his consecutive visits to Mamo, an Italian joint located in the vibrant neighborhood of Soho, New York City. During his “It’s All a Blur” tour at Madison Square Garden and Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, Drake chose Mamo as his preferred spot for three nights in a row. According to insiders, the artist was often accompanied by a bevy of beauties during his late-night outings, sometimes even partying till 3 a.m.

Known to be one of his favorite places in the city, Mamo gladly offers Drake a VIP treatment whenever he visits. Our insider revealed that the restaurant often receives last-minute calls from Drake, and they readily accommodate him, even closing down the establishment exclusively for his enjoyment. Despite our attempts to gather comments from Mamo’s representatives regarding this VIP treatment, they did not respond.

In a recent concert at the Barclays Center, Drake made headlines again, but this time for a rather unusual incident. He stopped to sniff a bra thrown on stage by a fan, inquiring about its size and jokingly demanding to “locate this woman immediately!” The owner of the bra, Veronica Correia, a barista from Rhode Island, seems to have benefitted from this unexpected attention. She has reportedly secured a deal with Playboy, becoming a paid content creator on their new subscribers-only platform. Additionally, she expressed her desire for a date with the talented rapper and is hopeful of making a connection with the real Drake beyond his fame.

Drake is not just attracting attention for his nightlife escapades and on-stage encounters. He has also been creating a buzz with his promotional tactics for his upcoming album, “For All the Dogs.” The artist has been seen sporting a dog mask, possibly adding an air of mystery around his anticipated music release.

Veronica Correia, the bra’s owner, recently spoke to the NY Post, expressing her interest in taking Drake on a date at her coffee shop, where she has even named a coffee after him, known as the “Drizzy Drake Cake.” Describing it as a cake batter-flavored coffee with chocolate, whipped cream, and sprinkled Oreos, Correia hopes that Drake will give it a try and discover the true essence of the man behind the fame.

Drake’s nights out in New York City, his interactions with fans during concerts, and his distinctive promotional tactics for his upcoming album continue to keep the spotlight on him. Fans eagerly await his next moves, both in his music career and his personal endeavors.

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