Elvis Presley’s Former Fiancée Slams Singer’s Stepbrother’s Suicide Claims

Ginger Alden, Elvis Presley’s former fiancée, has criticized Elvis’ stepbrother David Stanley for claiming that the singer died by suicide. Alden accuses Stanley of changing and fabricating stories over the years. Stanley alleged in a documentary that Elvis died from suicide due to his alleged relationships with teenage girls.

Ginger Alden, Elvis Presley’s former fiancée, criticizes the claims made by Presley’s stepbrother David Stanley that the singer died by suicide, calling them false and fabricated.

Title: Elvis Presley’s Former Fiancée Disputes Suicide Claims Made by Stepbrother

In a recent turn of events, Elvis Presley’s former fiancée, Ginger Alden, has strongly condemned claims made by the singer’s stepbrother, David Stanley, alleging that Presley died by suicide. Speaking exclusively to Page Six through an email, Alden expressed her disappointment with Stanley’s changing stories and fabrication of false tales over the years. Stanley had made these claims in the documentary “Elvis’ Women” on Amazon Prime, stating that the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll had taken his life due to various reasons, including love, hurt, pain, and the fear of his alleged relationships with teenage girls being exposed.

Disputed Claims:
According to Stanley, Presley deliberately overdosed on medication, unable to cope with the pressures he faced. Moreover, Stanley asserted that the singer’s alleged relationships with 15 or 16-year-old girls added to his turmoil, leaving him tormented and unable to continue. These shocking assertions have caused significant outrage among Elvis fans and the wider public. It is worth mentioning that Stanley initially denied making these comments but later issued an apology for his derogatory remarks about Presley.

Alden’s Perspective:
Ginger Alden, who was romantically involved with Presley at the time of his death, has refuted Stanley’s claims vehemently. Alden finds it inconceivable that Presley would ever contemplate suicide, as she firmly believes he cherished life too much. She emphasizes that there were no signs or indications of suicidal thoughts, countering any notion of a “letter” asserting otherwise. Alden goes on to express her disappointment at how Presley, who deserved immense praise for his achievements and generosity, is being repaid through tabloid gossip and false allegations.

As the controversy surrounding Elvis Presley’s death intensifies, it is clear that Ginger Alden firmly opposes claims made by David Stanley that the iconic musician died by suicide. While Stanley has apologized for his comments, the debate regarding Presley’s untimely demise continues. Alden’s firsthand account and profound love for Presley provide a unique perspective that challenges the narrative presented by Stanley. As fans eagerly await official responses from Presley’s estate, it is crucial to remember the extraordinary legacy Presley left behind and focus on celebrating his remarkable contributions to the music industry.

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