Eva Marcille, former ‘America’s Next Top Model’ star, files for divorce from Michael Sterling, father of her three children.

Former America’s Next Top Model star Eva Marcille and her ex-husband Michael Sterling are living in a state of separation. They share three children, Michael Jr., Maverick, and Marley. The first two are Eva’s biological children with Michael, while the latter was raised as his own by Michael.

Ex-America’s Next Top Model star Eva Marcille and her ex-husband Michael Sterling are currently living in a state of separation, but they share three minor children together.

Former America’s Next Top Model contestant, Eva Marcille, has reportedly filed for divorce from her husband, Michael Sterling. Court documents reveal that the couple’s date of marriage was October 7, 2018. Eva has cited that they are “currently living in a bona fide state of separation.”

Eva and Michael share three minor children together – Michael Sterling Jr, Maverick Sterling, and Marley Sterling. While Michael and Maverick are Eva’s biological kids, Marley was fathered by her ex Kevin. However, Michael had raised Marley as his own.

The reasons behind the divorce filing remain unknown, but it appears that Eva and Michael have made the decision to end their marriage amicably. They have not yet released a statement addressing the divorce.

Prior to her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Eva had made a name for herself in the entertainment industry as an actress and a model. She had previously dated a number of high-profile celebrities before settling down with Michael. It remains to be seen how the divorce will impact their personal and professional lives.

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