Eve Jobs, who is the daughter of Steve Jobs, doesn’t like the new iPhone

Eve Jobs, who is the daughter of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell Jobs, made a joke about the new iPhone and put it on her Instagram Story. And it seems likely that Apple isn’t completely happy with its latest product.

The 24-year-old model posted a meme of a man holding a striped burgundy shirt that looked like the one he was wearing. The text of the meme says, “Me upgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after Apple’s announcement today.”

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, had shown off the new phone at an Apple event in Cupertino, California, earlier that day. When Steve Jobs died in 2011 from pancreatic cancer, Tim took over as CEO of Apple.

Eve doesn’t like technology as much as her father does, but she has started her own business that she is excited about.

Eve said earlier this year that she had signed up with an agency to be a model.

In a May post, she wrote, “Now represented by @dnamodels.” under a Polaroid photo of herself.

On its website, DNA Models says that Emily Ratajkowski, Imaan Hammam, and Kaia Gerber are among the famous people it works with.

Even though she just got a new contract, Eve is not new to the modeling business.

During Paris Fashion Week in September 2021, she walked in the Coperni show.

She then posted pictures of her success on Instagram and said, “I can’t put into words how extraordinary this collection is.”

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