Even Legends Do Gamble: What Games Celebrities Play Online

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Gambling is a popular pastime, and a lot of celebrities in recent times seem to enjoy taking their chances with Lady Luck. But what online gambling games do they actually play? Let’s take a deeper look below!

Slots: Easy–to–Play Digital Versions of Traditional Machines

Generations remember playing physical slot machines quite fondly – but with digital versions now available for easy access, you don’t even need to leave your house anymore! Elvis Presley was once said to be a keen slot player himself – so why not join him virtually through an onlinecasino service? 

Celebrity fans such as Ben Affleck are also known to earn heaps of money through various online slot sites. Depending on how lucky you get when spinning these reels (or pressing this button) there could be some major wins awaiting. 

Poker: The Classic Game of Skill & Chance

Poker remains one of the most iconic gambling games in existence – it is commonly thought that ancient versions have been played for centuries if not millennia. It takes skill as well as good discipline; famous poker players include Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Ivey, and Daniel Negreanu – all highly successful professionals who won millions from tournaments around the world. 

According to several tabloids and other sources, P Diddy has dropped tens (and probably hundreds) of thousands over the years enjoying table poker tournaments whether physically present at major events where cash prizes were involved or connecting anonymously via sites hosting no limit tournaments only accessible through mobile devices. It is clear this rapper enjoys wagering significant amounts without even having frequent wins each hand / round.

Sports Betting By Celebrities: Live Adrenaline vs. Stocks & Shares Investments

How many sports fanatics turned billionaires due to smart investments? Sports betting is increasingly becoming accessible, thanks to modern technology – placing stakes via smartphones or laptops can make live sporting experiences more exciting than ever before, with just the correct exercise of moderation beforehand. Pro golfers like Rickie Fowler have shown interest here, although giant investors like Warren Buffet would recommend going down other pathways instead.

Blackjack & Roulette

The aforementioned classic thrillers remain loved within land based casinos as much today. Then we come onto two giants among gaming repertoires, albeit older ones, blackjack and roulette continue being exceptionally timeless while barely changing over hundreds of years. It turns out that AI programmers still struggle mastering them completely despite their relatively simple rules. 

Despite his Oscar glory, Leonardo DiCaprio has definitely found time to take part in roulette sessions at internet casinos during downtime from many Hollywood engagements. Plus he was obviously quite experienced since most recently he stood out by placing large bets quickly across multiple rounds when some other stars took longer breaks between plays.

Other Gambling Avenues Used By Celebrities Online

A number of other games are played regularly by celebrities over the internet. 

  • One of the best participants of NBA, Michael Jordan played some out of the world bets in a variety of online games including the high school favourite Stone, Paper Scissors.
  • Hollywood Actress Pamela Anderson played a host of gambling card games online.
  • Even Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather participates regularly in a number of different online casinos. 

Thanks to the Above Mentioned Celebrities, Many People Are Inspired to Participate in Online Gambling

If Lady Luck smiles upon us enough, there will certainly exist further unforeseen options which eventually enable earning big bucks — however risky the process may seem. This is why, a number of celebrities have regularly participated in online gambling, which has, in turn, inspired numerous common people to join the activity. Top celebrities from all fields have also advertised different brands of internet gambling. 

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the GOATs in football, became the international ambassador for Poker Stars in 2015, mentioning that he has been an ardent player of the game for a long time. Paris Hilton, one of the best actresses in the world, pulled a huge number of female gamblers to the internet, when she advertised Casino Games For Beginners in 2016. Mike Tyson, considered by most to be the best boxer of all time, agreed to be the spokesperson for Parimatch Sports. 

Rapper Nicki Minaj became advisor to and investor in Maximbet and the Carousel Group. Numerous other examples include Conor McGregor, Neymar Jr. and Jose Mourinho, all of whom are considered epitomes of sporting spirit. Thus, it is quite safe yet enthralling to engage in online gambling.

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