Everything You Need to Know About Kanye West and Adidas’s Battle

Kanye West and Adidas are having more and more creative disagreements.

The rapper took to Instagram to talk about how unhappy he was with his working relationship with the brand, or lack of working relationship. He has also been deleting social media posts as he drives, which has become his new habit.

West has worked with Adidas on his Yeezy brand for many years. West, 45, hasn’t been saying very nice things about the athletic company that hosts his line lately. Adidas did not respond to a request from PEOPLE for a comment.

This page has everything you need to know about West’s ongoing fight with Adidas.

In May, Adidas came out with the Adilette 22 sandals, which look like Kanye West’s Yeezy slides. Highsnobiety says that the rapper said bad things about the company on Instagram on June 13. West is said to have said that the slides are “a fake YEEZY made by adidas themselves.” in a post that has since been deleted.

“I’m not standing for this blatant copying no more,” West told Adidas CEO Kasper Rrsted, according to Highsnobiety. “This is for anyone who wants to say something but is afraid of losing their job or being called crazy… These shoes show how people in power don’t respect talent.”

There are some similarities between the Adilette and West’s Yeezy slip. They are both thick slide sandals in neutral colors and cost about the same. Adidas did not say anything in response.

Adidas has been having Yeezy Day in early August since 2019. West told Complex this year, though, that he has nothing to do with the day. “Adidas made up the Yeezy Day idea without my approval,” he said in a direct message to the site. He also said that the company reprinted older Yeezy models, added colors, and hired new staff for the brand without asking him.

West went back to Instagram in early September to say that Adidas management had stolen his ideas and kept him out of important product and planning meetings.

“I’ve written songs with your father-in-law, Alasdhair Willis, who is the creative director at adidas. How can you watch adidas do what they’ve done to a fellow creative and not say anything, never meeting or calling me? Why was I forced to do this in public?” Page Six says that West put something on Instagram and then took it down.

But a few hours later, West went back to Instagram to ask his fans to stop posting memes about Alasdhair Willis.

“Please take down any memes about Alasdhair [Willis]. I think he is a good man who will get in touch with me and help me “He wrote something, then took it back.

Also, in a post that was taken down, West wrote, “It’s crazy that adidas thought they could color and name my shoes without my permission. I really want to make something that will change the world and that I can give to my children. They tried to pay me $1 billion (USD) to get rid of me. My royalties alone for next year will be $500 million [USD].”

Highsnobiety says that West has also attacked Adidas SVP Daniel Cherry III and other top executives at JP Morgan & Chase and Adidas on social media.

In response to West’s anger at Adidas, a number of his famous friends have come to his aid and are even boycotting the athletic company. Other Black celebrities, in particular, are standing up for West and accusing the brand of using him to push its own agenda instead of giving credit where credit is due.

T.I. posted a picture to Instagram on September 6 of a pair of Adidas shoes that looks like a pair of Yeezy shoes. A red “T.I. drew a ” was drawn over the photo, and ” over the photo and wrote in the caption, ” was written in the caption. I STAND BY YOU!!!! That isn’t right.”

Swizz Beatz also put the same photo and message on Instagram on September 6. He told me, “I usually stay out of other people’s business, but this is wrong! If we let them treat @kanyewest this way, they will treat us the same way. This person is a creative genius for coming up with this game-changing idea. YE just wants his work to be appreciated and not stolen, which doesn’t seem crazy to me!! We are not purchasing these!!!!!!!!!!!! @adidas, you’re supposed to be different, so please do what’s right!!!”

On September 6, Diddy posted a screenshot on Instagram of a supposed text conversation he had with West. In it, he asked West how he could help with the situation. He also posted the same photo of the sneaker that had been crossed out. He told me, “@Adidas has used Hip Hop to promote its brand and make money off of our culture since the days of Run-DMC. But now, instead of just being consumers, we are also owners. Because of @KanyeWest and YEEZY, Adidas is important to culture. WE KNOW WHAT WE’RE WORTH! I’m not going to wear Adidas anymore until they fix this! We have to help each other!! Please share this with everyone!!”

Nia Long, an actress, re-posted Diddy’s Instagram photo with the words, “@adidas, that part!!!

Thank you, @diddy and @kanyewest! WE KNOW OUR WORTH!” The Backstreet Boys’ first holiday album, A Very Backstreet Christmas, will come out on October 14. It will have both original songs and songs by other artists.

Members of the band AJ McLean and Nick Carter told Variety that they got ideas for the record from a surprising place: another former boyband member.

“Nick would be the first to tell you he really wanted ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling!’ to be the inspiration for one song,” McLean, 44, said about Justin Timberlake’s single. “He wanted that really happy, funky vibe.”

Carter, 42, said of the 2016 movie “It’s funny because there’s all this stuff about Backstreet versus *NSYNC, but we’re all about good songs and good movies and Trolls was a movie we watched a lot with our kids,”: “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”

Carter added, “Justin wrote a really good song, so we wanted to write a happy, uplifting song with the same feel.” “Especially given the state of the world right now.” We thought, “Let’s put some good things out there,” so we made “Happy Days.””

The holiday record will have old favorites such as “White Christmas, “Winter Wonderland,” and new songs will be played. The first song, “Last Christmas,” which was a cover of “Last !’s Christmas,” by Wham!, came out on September 6.

McLean said of the new album, “This is Backstreet in its truest form,” “It sounds very grown up, and the vocals are great. “As a group, we sound better than we have in years. My wife is like, “This is going to play over and over in our house.” She starts playing Christmas songs in July.”

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