Exclusive: Allegations of Domestic Violence Against McCall

Producer Kevin McCall has been sentenced to five years in state prison, suspended, and placed on probation for injuring his spouse or cohabitant in an alleged incident on January 14, 2019. The victim, identified as K.M., filed a civil lawsuit accusing McCall of domestic violence and battery, claiming that he punched her in the head while she was driving. McCall denied the allegations, but stopped responding to the case and a default judgment of $1.49 million was awarded to the accuser.

RHOA star Eva Marcille’s ex-boyfriend, Kevin McCall, has been charged with injuring a spouse or cohabitant and was sentenced to probation and 90 days in county jail after allegedly punching his then-girlfriend in the head while she was driving on a Los Angeles freeway.

Title: Eva Marcille’s Ex-Boyfriend, Kevin McCall, Faces Accusations of Domestic Violence and Battery

Published Date: July 14, 2023, 6:30 a.m. ET

In a shocking turn of events, Kevin McCall, a well-known producer and songwriter, has been charged with one felony count of injuring a spouse or cohabitant. The alleged incident, which occurred on January 14, 2019, took place on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles. McCall was released on a $75k bond after his arrest. The court handed down a sentence of 5 years in state prison, but it was ultimately suspended. Instead, McCall was put on probation and ordered to serve 90 days in county jail.

Following McCall’s arrest, the alleged victim, using the initials K.M. as a pseudonym, filed a civil lawsuit against the producer. The accuser accused McCall of domestic violence and battery, claiming that he punched her in the head while she was driving. She revealed that she had endured verbal and physical abuse the previous night, leading her to inform McCall that he could no longer stay at her home.

According to the accuser, McCall remained at her home despite her request for him to leave. It was while driving him to his grandmother’s house that the alleged assault took place. She claimed that McCall’s act of smoking a joint inside the car sparked an argument, during which he punched her in the head, causing her head to slam against the driver’s side window. Overwhelmed by fear, the woman managed to pull the car off the freeway and bring it to a stop.

Shaken, bleeding, and in shock, the woman stated that McCall took her phone and called his daughter, instructing her not to believe any reports she might hear about him. While she had heard about similar incidents involving McCall and other women, the accuser had dismissed them as false. Her lawsuit sought unspecified damages for domestic violence and battery, highlighting the emotional and physical injuries she had suffered.

In response, McCall denied all allegations, claiming that any physical contact that may have occurred was consensual. He alleged that the woman had initiated and escalated the incident. Despite his initial defense, McCall eventually stopped responding to the case, leading the court to award a default judgment of $1.49 million to the accuser.

These shocking revelations come amidst Eva Marcille’s ongoing divorce proceedings with her estranged husband, Michael Sterling. In an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Marcille had accused McCall of abusing her during their relationship, sharing that she had taken out restraining orders to protect herself. The former couple were together from 2013 to 2015 and share a daughter named Marley.

This distressing situation continues to unfold, shedding light on the prevalence of domestic violence and the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions. We hope that justice will be served, and the affected parties find healing and peace as they navigate these difficult circumstances.

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