Exclusive: Tarek El Moussa’s Company Fights $350k Lawsuit Over Canceled Home Deal

Tarek El Moussa’s company, Tarek Buys Houses, has requested the dismissal of a lawsuit brought against them by Ruby Vidato, who alleged that the company backed out of a deal to purchase her home, resulting in a significant financial loss. Vidato claimed that she signed a deal with the company to sell her home for $1.8 million but was later informed that the deal could not proceed. Tarek Buys Houses denied the allegations, stating that Vidato failed to remove her tenants by the agreed-upon deadline and that Vidato’s daughter had texted the company rep, stating that her mother had decided not to proceed with the deal.

Tarek El Moussa’s company, Tarek Buys Houses, has requested that a lawsuit filed by a woman in LA, who alleges a breached home deal causing her financial loss, be dismissed, with the company denying all wrongdoing and claiming that the woman failed to adhere to the agreed-upon terms of the deal.

Title: Tarek El Moussa’s Company Denies Wrongdoing in Lawsuit Over Alleged Home Deal Breach

Tarek El Moussa’s real estate investment company, Tarek Buys Houses, is fighting back against a lawsuit filed by Ruby Vidato, an LA-based woman, who claims the company backed out of a home deal, resulting in financial loss. According to court documents, Tarek Buys Houses has vehemently denied all allegations of wrongdoing. Let’s dive into the details of this controversial legal battle between Vidato and El Moussa’s company.

The Allegations:
In her lawsuit, Vidato accuses Tarek Buys Houses of reneging on a deal to purchase her 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom home in Los Angeles for $1.8 million in May 2022. Allegedly, Vidato signed the deal and even evicted the tenants living in the property. However, a few weeks later, a representative from the company cited “market shifting and other excuses” as reasons for canceling the agreement. Vidato claims she never received a call from the company owner, but instead, another employee approached her.

The Counter-claims:
Tarek Buys Houses has recently answered the allegations in court, defending their position. The company’s lawyers argue that Vidato failed to remove her tenants by the agreed-upon deadline, thereby breaching the terms of the deal. Additionally, they claim that Vidato’s daughter informed the company representative via text that her mother had decided to terminate the deal. As a result, Tarek Buys Houses has requested the dismissal of the entire lawsuit, along with the reimbursement of their legal fees.

Consequences and Legal Demands:
Vidato insists that the actions of Tarek Buys Houses led her to sell her property for $1.5 million in September 2022, incurring a loss of $300,000 compared to the initial deal. As a way to seek compensation, Vidato’s lawsuit demands $350,000 in damages, in addition to attorney fees. On the other hand, Tarek Buys Houses firmly denies any liability, claiming that Vidato’s failure to fulfill her obligations voided the contract.

As the legal battle between Ruby Vidato and Tarek Buys Houses unfolds, it remains to be seen which side the court will favor. For now, El Moussa’s company maintains its position of innocence, countering Vidato’s claims with allegations of contractual breaches on her part. Both parties are in pursuit of a resolution that is fair and just, with Vidato seeking substantial compensation and Tarek Buys Houses aiming for the dismissal of the lawsuit and reimbursement of legal expenses. Stay tuned for further updates on this intriguing case.

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