Experts Named Main Beauty Trends Of 2023

Photo by yunona uritsky on Unsplash

2022 was a great year for the beauty industry. We were served a lot of great and memorable looks and trends monthly, and everything kept improving. However, nothing prepared us for what 2023 had in stock for us, as the beauty trends coming out this year are nothing short of astonishing. In just the third month of the year, we have had a number of amazing beauty trends that we are keeping, and it’s just unbelievable that we know more are here to come. 

Of all the amazing trends this year has already brought us, experts have named the main ones that are definitely here to stay. 

1. Face And Body Jewelry

After Doja Cat’s iconic moment on the red carpet, completely embezzled in red stones, it was obvious that face and body adorning would become a thing in the beauty industry. Many people have recreated that iconic look, and it has also birthed some even more creative ideas for artists who have expressed themselves through embellishments. A great example is the additions showcased at Puppets and Puppets, the third eye jewelry inspiration brought to life on Giambattista Valli, and many more. Today, people use these embellishments as eye lines, freckles, imaginary piercings, and many more. We can tell that the world is just starting with this trend. 

2. Skincare

Before people understood the purpose of makeup, it used to be something the world used in trying to change appearances or hide who they were. Hence, nothing is as satisfying as this new beauty trend which promotes the natural beauty look, allowing people just to appreciate their face and enhance their beauty perfectly. With an iHerb promo code from YoursHerbs, beauty customers can access natural skincare products that can be used to achieve this beauty trend.

3. Less Brows

We should all agree that many superstars are real fashion icons determining the trends. So from the catwalks and red carpets, we increasingly see a trend for less brows. Neat, stylish, minimalist. Why not? Natural beauty without bright details will always be attractive.

4. More Liners

What’s not to love about this? Eyeliner application has always been a thing, but this extra bold approach of using the lines is something that we truly adore. Often, the focus is placed on other parts of the face, and the eyes are just left to exist and be basic, so we really can’t say we do not absolutely love that the eyes are now at the center of attraction due to this amazing trend. The best part is that beauty brands are also ensuring that this is something that is here to stay as they are already moving to ensure that these liners are not only easier to apply, but also more difficult to destroy. 

5. Retro Flash Makeup

Retro flash photography was a big thing when it just came up. Everyone wanted that effect in their photos then, and it remains a big desire to date. Then came retro flash-inspired makeup, making everything even better. Instead of waiting for the photographer to create the retro flash effects on your photo, people are now creating those effects in desired ways using makeup, and there is truly nothing as amazing as this. Gucci’s spring runway even put more attention on retro flash makeup, and the world has been exploring this makeup style’s possibilities ever since. 

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